Synonyms for Insult:


step on someone's toes, ignominy, discourtesy, scurrility, incivility, impertinence, blasphemy, appal, name calling, speak/talk out of turn, slap in the face, libel, outrage, trade blows/insults, snub, shock, black eye, slight, rudeness, curse, dig, offense, impudence, put down, opprobrium, insolence, slander. jibe, despite, attack, kiss off, offence. give offense to, pique, huff, miff, add insult to injury, pain. contempt (noun)
disesteem, antipathy, contumacy, disdain, renouncement, disfavor, Hauteur, invective, disparagement.
disrepute (noun)
disrespect (noun)
hateful communication (noun)
impudence, insolence, indignity, disgrace, taunt, ignominy, offense, scorn, slander, slight, blasphemy, contempt, outrage, mockery, black eye, affront, contumely, despite, shame, rudeness, impertinence, derision, invective, slap in the face, discourtesy, libel, abuse, opprobrium, disrespect, snub, vilification, scurrility, incivility.
insult (noun)
contumely, affront, abuse, vilification, revilement.
put-down (noun)
put down.
ridicule (noun)
indignity, contempt, abasement burlesque, travesty, taunt, fun, mockery, jesting, deprecation, humiliation, roast, caricature, irony, sneering, ridicule, joke, denigration, derision, flippancy, scorn, disgrace, shame, irreverence.


abuse, offend (verb)
mock, scoff, put down, jeer, curse, deride, roast, sneer, ridicule, humiliate.
disrespect (verb)
soil, smear, disrespect, sully, stain.
ridicule (verb)
jeer, scoff, quip, rag, burlesque, kid, denigrate, deride, ride, razz, deprecate, mock, humiliate, gibe, mimic, sneer, jest.

Other synonyms:

appal, slight, outrage. snub, pique. offense, jibe. kiss off, despite. shock. flout
name calling.
put down.
Other relevant words:
insolence, abuse, impertinence, attack, black eye, vilification, ignominy, add insult to injury, kiss off, slight, opprobrium, name calling, miff, pain, incivility, contumely, discourtesy, affront, jibe, despite, slander, snub, outrage, twit, offence, shock, dig, libel, curse, laughter, impudence, slap in the face, huff, offense, scurrility, appal, rudeness, pique, revilement, give offense to, blasphemy.

Usage examples for insult

  1. You may say what you like, but I know that in all this there was a set purpose to insult me." – Jacqueline, v1 by Th. Bentzon (Mme. Blanc)
  2. I assure you I consider your words an insult – Marcia Schuyler by Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  3. When the Lord said, It is finished, there was not only an end of conscious anguish, but also of contempt and insult – The Gospel According to St. Mark by G. A. Chadwick