Synonyms for Strike:


baton, back, atmospherics, accompany, beat out, deadlock, tie up, confrontation, bang out, blast away, walkout, sit in, articulation, revolution, slowdown, arrange. exposure, trouble, bother, success, hurt, unfolding, discovery, ache, stifle, suffer, disclosure. direct action, industrial action, blow, general strike, go-slow, go out on strike, come out, action, cooling-off period, grievance procedure, collective bargaining. cut down, be uncertain, compress, append, doubt, be troubled, condense, dramatize, adapt, bowdlerize, be handicapped, fear, be in trouble. concede, slog, aggregate, whop, clout, cushion, thwack, assist, slam, wham, clip, swat, slug, wallop, chalk something up, bop, biff, sock, bury, all, conk, catch, paste, pop. sail into, air strike, bombing, fall on, have at, go at, light into, aggress, pitch into, the Blitz, air raid, beset. nip, hook, play, snap, strike at, dribble. balk, baseball, ball girl, batboy, baseline, toll, peal, at-bat, knell, ball boy, ball, chime, base, ballpark, ring. go up, kindle, wipe, blot, continue, flame, ignite, vacate, burn, efface, blaze, cross, undo, catch fire. occur, beat up, smack, thump, bludgeon, stun, happen. filter, bathe, waver, bend, focus, flood, fade, over. camp out, bivouac, camper van, camp, campfire, camper, camp bed, campground. forgiveness, hit back, retaliate, blow up, blow itself out, retort, reciprocate, counter, blow over, thunder. bowls, bowling, bowl, bowler, frame, lawn bowling, pin, boules, green. collide, smash into, run over. coalfield, coal mining, gallery, coal mine, conflict diamonds, gold rush, colliery, coal miner, coal, goldmine. mill. go through, enter your mind/head, think, cross someone's mind, dawn, occur to, flash. enter into, work out, sign off on, come to terms (with someone), seal a victory/deal/agreement, get together. turn up, sneak up, take/catch someone by surprise, spring, drop/fall into/land in someone's lap, present itself, supervene, gather pace. act (noun)
work stoppage.
attack (noun)
frenzy, onslaught, tirade, assault, furor, attack, offense, barrage, sortie, storm, riot, violence, warfare, spasm, bombardment, thrust, foray, charge, outbreak, raid, combat, bloodshed, siege, war, fury, aggression, battle, invasion, fight.
blow (noun)
poke, biff.
impulse (noun)
impulse, jerk, motivation, knock, shot, punch, sling, pitch, poke, jolt, jog, push, shove, prod, nudge, momentum, bump.
offense (noun)


attack (verb)
batter, bombard, lash, harry, slash, scathe, violate, pound, savage, hammer, flay, scorch, trounce, scarify, lunge, invade, assail.
competition (verb)
contact (verb)
devastate, affect (verb)
beset, rack, assault, aggress, excruciate, storm, attack, fall upon, afflict, assail, torment, invade, torture.
find, discover (verb)
come across, chance upon, attain, catch, come upon, light upon, take, turn up, happen upon.
hit hard (verb)
knock, drive, collide, impel, bang, run into, thrust, swat, clout, thump, conk, smack, pound, whop, sock, slug, hammer, punch, smash into, pop, force, wallop.
make an impact (verb)
inspire, impress, move, HIT, occur to, affect.
motion (verb)
motivate (verb)
hurl, ram, fire, catapult, force, fling, launch, hurtle, encourage, provoke, heave, jostle, foment, stimulate, inspire, lob, instigate, prompt, motivate, induce, impel, entice, trigger, propel, throw, ferment, goad, magnetize, move, energize, hasten, urge, drive, shoot.
obliterate (verb)
eradicate, expunge, omit, annul, cut, eliminate, erase, obliterate, cancel, edit, annihilate, delete, expurgate, censor.
protest (verb)
sit in.
walk out of job in protest (verb)
sit in, tie up.

Other synonyms:

biff, collide, bowling, excruciate, lawn bowling, supervene, whop, occur to, sign off on, bowls, bop, boules, discovery, clout, aggress, run over, swat, blow. knell, chime, bowler, afflict, nip, revolution, thwack, paste, conk, tick away, thump, wham, blow over, sneak up, sock, beset. peal, agonize, undo, clip, slam, rack, occur, slug. smack, bowl. tick, mill. cross. catch, green, turn up, work out, think. go through. pin, get together. flash. aggress
have at, go at.
whop, aggress.
fall on, fall upon.
come to mind
chance on.
present itself.
walk out.
sit down
have at.
Other relevant words:
paste, come to, thwack, slog, wallop, impress, affect, swat, clip, attain, biff, sock, smack, walkout, walk out, clout, ten-strike, bump, thump, wipe, slug, whop, bang.

Usage examples for strike

  1. Don't you know what a strike is? – Humorous Ghost Stories by Dorothy Scarborough
  2. Well, I want to know how it would strike you. – Will Warburton by George Gissing
  3. " She may be that, though it doesn't strike me," began Darnley. – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu