Synonyms for Surrender:


abstinence, abstention, New Year's resolution, abnegation, self-denial. show, display, make no secret of something, manifest, offer, voice, express yourself. give, distribute, lavish, help, contribute, hand. lose, appease, bomb out of, give away, go down, roll over, go out. dependence, reliance, capture, bondage, subjection, prisoner, restraint, captivity, shackle. defeat, pullout, appeasement. chuck in, sacrifice. abandonment (noun)
desertion, discontinuation, relinquishment, defection, vacation, resignation, tergiversation, apostasy, abdication, abandonment, withdrawal.
capitulation (noun)
white flag, delivery, unconditional surrender, giving way.
compliance (noun)
conformance, affirmation, fulfillment, servility, compliance, meekness, agreement, adherence, acquiescence, submissiveness, observance, submission, obedience, obeisance, concurrence, conformity, fealty, homage, genuflection, deference, willingness.
giving up; resignation (noun)
cessation, white flag, yielding, relinquishment, abandonment, capitulation, submission, renunciation, giving way, abdication, acquiescence, delivery, appeasement.
relinquishment (noun)
dereliction, capitulation, Disclamation, renunciation.
renunciation (noun)
resignation (noun)
rejection, acceptance, termination, cessation, discontinuance, renouncement, retirement.
riddance (noun)
disposal, dismissal, riddance, cancellation, relegation.
surrender (noun)
extradite, fall, give up, deport, resignation, giving up, relinquish, deliver, cede, capitulation, yielding.


abandon (verb)
drop, relinquish, resign, forsake, abandon, discontinue, quit, leave, vacate, abdicate, defect, evacuate, desert.
competition (verb)
give up.
comply (verb)
adhere, bend, bow, kowtow, comply, knuckle under, agree, cave, consent, assent, observe, fulfill, acquiesce, genuflect, respect, succumb, obey, conform, concur, submit, yield, cede, defer.
give up (verb)
give up, desist, withdraw, cease, stop.
give up; resign (verb)
let go, succumb, quit, roll over, waive, cede, go down, relinquish, part with, knuckle under, submit, leave, abandon, capitulate, fall, renounce, yield.
relinquish (verb)
forgo, disclaim, release, renounce, waive, disown, shed, capitulate.
rid (verb)
dispose, jettison, let go, dispel, rid, part with, relegate, dismiss, discard, cancel, vent.

Other synonyms:

give away, self-denial, bomb out of, offer, abnegation, delivery, reliance, prisoner, New Year's resolution, abstention, abstinence, manifest, appease. roll over, subjection, dependence. pullout, display, go out, shackle, bondage, restraint. lose, show, defeat. go down. capture. abandon
let go.
chicken out
giving way.
give in
knuckle under, capitulate.
Other relevant words:
give away, giving up, manifest, pullout, go down, abnegation, appeasement, delivery, giving way, white flag, distribute, restraint, roll over, lose, extradite, give, capture, offer, deliver, sacrifice, deport, shackle, defeat, fall, subjection, yielding, hand, appease.

Usage examples for surrender

  1. Yes, strange as it seems, their love was equal to impossible heroisms: to have died for each other had been easy, but to surrender this pen- point was impossible. – Prose Fancies by Richard Le Gallienne
  2. Now when he was come to the castle gates, he commanded Diabolus to appear, and to surrender himself into his hands. – The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3 by John Bunyan
  3. I surrender all claims to her, Glavour. – Giants on the Earth by Sterner St. Paul Meek