Synonyms for Revenge:


rancor, malevolence, vindictiveness, Implacability, spitefulness, vendetta, malice, vengefulness, animus, hate. spite. paying back (noun)
punishment (noun)
judgment, reprisal, confinement, anguish, penalty, sentence, punishment, forfeiture, fine, persecution, incarceration, burden, discipline, distress, imprisonment, torture, execution, payment, affliction, correction, chastisement, retribution, price, verdict, crucifixion, agony, castigation.
retaliation (noun)
vengeance, measure for measure, counteraction, retaliation, reciprocation, reparation, response, return.
retaliation for wrong, grievance (noun)
repayment, vindictiveness, rancor, counterblow, tit for tat, retribution, Implacability, vengefulness, attack, return, spitefulness, animus, vengeance, malevolence, measure for measure, reprisal, requital, sortie.
revenge (noun)
restitution, retaliation, avenge, retaliate.
vendetta (noun)
vindictiveness (noun)


retaliate (verb)
redress, countercharge, reprise, avenge, exchange, retort, repay, respond, counterblow, Retribute, counteract, counter, retaliate, reciprocate, return fire.
retaliate for wrong, grievance (verb)
reciprocate, repay, punish, avenge, retort, redress.
revenge (verb)
punish, vendetta, comeback, restitute.

Other synonyms:

drubbing, vengefulness, demolition, counterattack, vindictiveness, tit for tat. hammering, rout, elimination, beating, spitefulness, requital. spite. massacre. fall. ill-will

Usage examples for revenge

  1. I'm not of the slightest use to anybody; and they are not doing it for revenge because I haven't made any enemies. – One Maid's Mischief by George Manville Fenn
  2. " You speak truth, Bill," said Harry; " I don't think there is any necessity for seeking revenge of Golah for his cruel treatment of us; he is now as ill off as the rest of us." – The Boy Slaves by Mayne Reid
  3. His single object, now, was revenge – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford