Synonyms for Affliction:


epidemic, complaint, condition. mare, chore, the impossible, necessity, wretchedness, task, happy, the elephant in the room, a tall order, struggle. over, cross, heavy. adversity (noun)
calamity, hard luck, bad luck, dolor, mishap, burden, contretemps, hardship, casualty, woe, ordeal, misadventure, poorness, trial, misfortune, disaster, hard times, tragedy, poverty, catastrophe, bane, peril, blight, destitution, adversity, trouble, rainy day, curse, tribulation, difficulty.
affliction (noun)
disaster, woe, sickness, pain, torment, wretchedness, suffering, adversity, curse, illness, distress, calamity, plague, ordeal, misfortune, grief, trouble, disease, misery, tribulation, hardship, cross, trial.
aggravation (noun)
bane (noun)
cancer, evil, doom, ill, infection, poison, plague, contagion, scourge.
dislike (noun)
hurt condition; something that causes hurt (noun)
disease, pain, suffering, illness, cross, woe, torment, anguish, distress, trouble, plight, hardship, misery, plague, adversity, scourge, disorder, infirmity, tribulation, calamity, difficulty, ordeal, grief, sickness, misfortune, trial.
pain (noun)
agony, throb, earache, wound, distress, stab, sting, rack, wrench, anguish, bruise, pang, torture, torment, pain, hurt, crick, spasm, bite, burn, infliction, irritation, smarting, stitch, sore, Migraine, headache, painfulness, malaise, suffering, grief, Back Ache, cramp, misery, throe, chafing, injury, gripe, ache, inflammation, discomfort.
punishment (noun)
crucifixion, payment, correction, punishment, chastisement, verdict, forfeiture, price, castigation, fine, judgment, reprisal, incarceration, retribution, discipline, execution, sentence, confinement, revenge, imprisonment, penalty, persecution.
suffering (noun)
cross, sickness, heartache, disorder, ailment, unhappiness, cross to bear, disease, infirmity, care, plight, visitation, tsoris, wretchedness.

Other synonyms:

sickness. care, illness. indisposition, infirmity. disorder. cross. misery

Usage examples for affliction

  1. " My physical weakness continues and is increased by this affliction – The Life of John of Barneveld, 1618 by John Lothrop Motley
  2. Lucy didn't think two days very long not to speak to anybody in, but there was something overwhelming about the strange man's evident affliction that roused her out of her apathy; not much,- she was still profoundly detached, observing from another world, as it were, this extreme heat and agitation, but at least she saw him now, she did with a faint curiosity consider him. – Vera by Elisabeth von Arnim