Synonyms for Employment:


engaging, using, adoption, Occupying, wear, Hiring, exploitation, retaining. background, get, collaboration, hire, call, division of labor, delegation. implementation, full employment, in someone's employ, used, be back in business, play, incumbent, hold-down, in the line of duty, in harness, working. act (noun)
application (noun)
exercise, operation, application, utilization, usage, function, exertion, utility, conduct, use.
business (noun)
establishment, practice, concern, partnership, career, firm, occupation, company, transaction, livelihood, service, commerce, assignment, holding, position, business, activity, venture, labor, trade, management, consortium, affair, posting, situation, job, merchant, negotiation, specialty, exchange, market, enterprise, calling, industry, busy work, retailing, profession, barter, selling, vocation, station, interest, proprietorship, corporation, commission.
employment (noun)
employ, utilisation, usage, utilization, exercise, work, use.
line (noun)
using something (noun)
application, play, adoption, utilization, usage, use, exploitation, operation.
work (noun)
work, toil, effort, chore, task.

Other synonyms:

implementation, full employment. incumbent. working. racket. line.

Usage examples for employment

  1. " Public employment sir," said I, boldly; " the service of my country." – The Caxtons, Part 6 by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. This opportunity, however, meant more than mere employment for her daughter. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt
  3. But he had no employment and no notion what to do. – The Aspirations of Jean Servien by Anatole France