Synonyms for Exploit:


go toward, draw on, consume, fall back on, bring in. implement, jump at, grasp, used, practice, apply, use, benefit, gain, make capital out of something, leap at the chance/opportunity/offer, take advantage of something, actuate, utilize, seize an opportunity/chance, get, employ. gallantry, courage, abuse, nerve, bravado, heroics, presume, nobility, heroism, impose, bravery, daring, pluck. oppress, mistreat, be rough on someone, control, victimize, straight, trample, discriminate, wrong, persecute, prey on, manipulate. stunt, tour de force, masterstroke, Gest. achievement (noun)
escapade, enterprise, venture, adventure, performance, job, maneuver, deed, stunt, feat, tour de force, effort.
act (noun)
feat, effort.
action (noun)
deed (noun)
endeavor (noun)
enterprise, engagement, undertaking, effort, performance, proceeding, project, commitment, deed, essay, purpose, adventure, action, job, production, gambit.
exploit (noun)
feat, tap, overwork, deed, work, effort.
rescue (noun)
venture (noun)
feat, task, scheme, initiative, procedure, pursuit, campaign, affair, activity.


consumption (verb)
work, tap.
endeavor (verb)
commit, attempt, endeavor, approach, aim, venture, engage, assay, proceed, act, volunteer, maneuver, contract, perform, undertake.
take advantage of; misuse (verb)
employ, abuse, manipulate, work, utilize, use, apply.

Other synonyms:

go toward, jump at, masterstroke, fall back on, Gest. draw on, utilize, implement, tour de force, consume. use, actuate. abuse, bring in, presume, manipulate. apply, grasp, employ. impose, gain. practice, benefit. get. apply
Other relevant words:
action, actuate, bravado, manipulate, heroics, benefit, heroism, fall back on, courage, practice, impose, use, control, Gest, implement, mistreat, stunt, gain, nerve, discriminate, overwork, gallantry, abuse, daring, get, prey on, trample, used, tap, employ, oppress, victimize, wrong, nobility, consume, straight, draw on, utilize, apply, pluck, presume, persecute, tour de force, bravery, escapade, grasp, masterstroke, work.

Usage examples for exploit

  1. This was necessary, said Flacius, because the Romanists would, no doubt exploit the concessions made in the Leipzig Interim and the dissensions existing among the Lutherans. – Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Friedrich Bente
  2. Rastignac then and there resolved to exploit this world, to wear full dress of virtue, honesty, and fine manners. – The Firm of Nucingen by Honore de Balzac