Synonyms for Smart:


able (adjective)
adroit, intelligent, gifted, cunning, deft, artful, capable.
acute (adjective)
discerning, perspicacious, insightful, subtle, incisive.
adroit (adjective)
bright (adjective)
disrespectful (adjective)
fashionable (adjective)
coordinated, fancy, slick, modal, rakish, natty, snappy, ritzy, Tony, refined, showy, in, up-to-date, modish, decorous, trig, chichi, stylish, swank, dapper, dashing, conventional, vogue, fashionable, chic.
intelligent (adjective)
astute, sagacious, brilliant, knowledgeable, encyclopedic, brainy, canny, sophisticated, bright, clever, perspicacious, Comprehending, wise, intellectual, genius, profound, capable, cogent, intelligent, gifted, worldly, sharp, erudite, knowing.
lively (adjective)
nervy (adjective)
plush (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
smart (adjective)
swank, nervy, chic, natty, impertinent, genius, ingenious, astute, saucy, pointed, bright, trim, alert, sassy, jaunty, agile, knowing, dapper, quick, canny, brazen, forward, active, crafty, quick-witted, brilliant, spruce, modish, sharp, wise, bold, resourceful, dashing, clever, fresh, scintillating, energetic, brainy, snappy, shrewd.
stylish (adjective)
modernistic, spiffy, modish.
vigorous (adjective)
active, lively, energetic.
witty (adjective)
adroit, cunning, sparkling, astute, artful, scurrilous, foxy, jocular, brilliant, ingenious, waggish, pithy, scintillating, resourceful, subtle, inventive, joking, crafty, sly, quick, droll, quick-witted, sophisticated, intelligent, canny, facetious, funny, clever, urbane, tricky, sharp, wily, dry, witty, comical, pointed, sarcastic, deft, shrewd.


casual, button-through, Clingy, brief, A-LINE, baggy, button-down, backless, boot-cut, best. ability, discerning, alert, Sharp-witted, academic. discourteous, ill-mannered, laughter, offensive, abrasive, impolite. neuralgia, brash, cheeky, uppish, uppity, audacious, Snippety, presumptuous, brazen, pang, assuming, brassy, smart-alecky, nervy, attitude, Presuming, Familiar, irritation, contumelious, overconfident, EINA, bold, snippy, assumptive, agony, Malapert, courtesy, pushy, boldfaced. misery, sorrow, remorse, disappointment, sadness, depression, grief, careful, savvy, desolation. in, trouble, usual, mod, pound, classy, swanky, posh, trig, swish, style, bother, with-it, stifle, modish. burn, bite, feel sorry for someone, grieve, regret, get down, upset yourself, mourn, sink. contemporary, advanced, ahead of your/its etc. time, modern, space age, futuristic, state of the art, modernistic, up-to-the-minute. incisive, perceptive, sound, reasoned, thoughtful, meditative, insightful, deductive. agile, swift, speedy, at full speed/tilt/throttle, high-speed. automatic, broken, clockwork, built, cordless, auxiliary, automatically, analog. clean-cut, well-groomed, trim, groomed, tidy, clean-shaven, fastidious. impudent (noun)
bold, rude, brazen.
smart (noun)
cagy, chic, astute, overbold, dapper, shrewd, spruce, impudent, rakish, raffish, impertinent, snappy, stylish, jaunty, hurt, bright, streetwise, dashing, clever, spiffy, ache, fresh, cagey, smarting, forward, sharp, voguish, natty, fashionable, saucy, canny, sassy.
smarts (noun)
state (noun)


ache (verb)
hurt, pound, pain.
pain (verb)
anguish, torment, suffer, hurt, irritate, crick, rack, throb, throe, torture, agonize, pain, discomfort, sore, cramp, wrench, stitch, distress, inflame, chafe, afflict, sting, ache.
smart (verb)
bite, burn, suffer, throb, ache, sting.

Other synonyms:

posh, nervy, fastidious, with-it, uppity, presumptuous, Malapert, assumptive, snippy, uppish, Presuming, overconfident, assuming, brassy. pang, thoughtful, brazen, brash. alert, misery, bold, tidy, audacious. in, Familiar, burn, bite. sound. impudent

Usage examples for smart

  1. The smart fools have more influence on the public every day. – The Woman With The Fan by Robert Hichens
  2. " I want you to grow up to be a smart elephant boy, and to do that you must think for yourself. – Umboo, the Elephant by Howard R. Garis
  3. So you see that we are pretty smart out here, and not a long way behind the old country after all. – A Boy's Voyage Round the World by The Son of Samuel Smiles