Synonyms for Gas:


cfc, chlorofluorocarbon, carbon, fumes. antacid, analgesic, antidepressant, antibiotic, antidote, amphetamine, anabolic steroid, hurry, anticoagulant, step on it, speed up, speed, anesthetic, anaesthetic, move fast. bump off, blabber, slaughter, chat, chitchat, chatter, babble, exterminate, strangle, words, prate, yak, gab, take someone's life, dispatch, palaver, blab, massacre, assassinate, prattle, jabber, small talk. joke, scream, panic, howl, laugh, waffle, laughter, gossip, riot, hoot, absurdity, talk through your hat. diesel, barrel, go on, gasohol, jaw, run off at the mouth, benzene, clack, spiel, run on, crude, black gold, high-octane. burp, flatulent, belch, blow off. capacity, biogas, coal-fired, burn, fossil fuel, biomass, biofuel. fuel (noun)
combustion, propane, briquette, charcoal, peat, gasoline, fuel, kerosene, oil, coke, coal.
gas (noun)
ether, nerve gas, helium, nitrogen, gasoline, acetylene, ethane, throttle, brag, butane, argon, petrol, methane, bluster, gasconade, flatulency, neon, ozone, natural gas, accelerator pedal, shoot a line, laughing gas, gas pedal, carbon monoxide, gun, tout, gasolene, miasma, atmosphere, carbon dioxide, xenon, blow, swash, boast, tear gas, vapor, rarefaction, fume, vaunt, oxygen, ammonia, hydrogen, accelerator, chlorine.
gasoline (noun)
something not liquid or solid (noun)
fumes, vapor, miasma.

Other synonyms:

gasohol, biogas, yak, fossil fuel, gossip, black gold, spiel, benzene, biofuel, flatulent, belch, coal-fired. chitchat, small talk, blabber, palaver, absurdity, burp, waffle, chatter, gab, diesel, high-octane, prate, biomass, blow off. hoot, prattle, riot, chat, jabber, babble, jaw. barrel, clack. capacity, crude. joke, panic. burn. sedative
Other relevant words:
chatter, joke, panic, flatulent, biomass, absurdity, propellant, gasohol, hoot, antidote, barrel, gab, strangle, laughter, clack, shoot a line, fumes, burp, antibiotic, tout, bluster, anesthetic, dispatch, carbon, palaver, gun, chitchat, petrol, assassinate, anaesthetic, antidepressant, amphetamine, burn, accelerator, analgesic, flatulency, slaughter, swash, jabber, spiel, exterminate, biogas, words, gas pedal, chlorofluorocarbon, scream, capacity, massacre, howl, yak, belch, hurry, gossip, gasconade, accelerator pedal, benzene, high-octane, antacid, speed, prattle, babble, cfc, gasolene, blabber, biofuel, anticoagulant, vaunt, waffle, prate, laugh, blow, chat, diesel, small talk, crude, throttle, jaw, brag, coal-fired, go on, boast, run off at the mouth, blab, riot.

Usage examples for gas

  1. In the factory yard- behind the gas pipe-" " Were you the little girl that caught me kissing Bird that day?" – Calvary Alley by Alice Hegan Rice
  2. One night Miss Jewett had been round as usual and turned off the gas – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner