Synonyms for Descend:


climbing, climbing wall, abseil, Caving, base camp, degenerate, canyoneering, deteriorate, climber, ascent. night falls, close in, draw out, twilight, sunrise, sunset, draw in, break, dawn. kin, issue, spring, lose your balance/footing. descend (noun)
condescend, come, derive, settle, deign, come down, go down, fall.


change (verb)
fall, settle.
condescend (verb)
degenerate, deteriorate.
descend (verb)
fall down, slip, lower, slide, plunge, tumble, topple, slump, fall, drop, plummet, decline, come down, sink, settle.
follow (verb)
trail, ensue, pursue, tail, result, succeed, lag, chase, follow.
move down, lower a (verb)
get off, fall, settle, gravitate, go down, slope, plummet, drop, submerge, stumble, plunge, slip, trip, topple, sink, disembark, get down, dip, slump, decline, dismount, slide, penetrate, swoop, pitch, tumble, dive.
stative (verb)
come, derive.
trace ancestry from; be passed or handed down (verb)
issue, derive, spring.

Other synonyms:

climb down. deteriorate, ascent, stumble, worsen, submerge, degenerate. get off. retrograde, swoop. spring, trip. dive, pitch. dip. depart
get off.
get down.
get down
get down, climb down.
get off

Usage examples for descend

  1. He then prepared to descend – The Lash by Olin L. Lyman
  2. Freddy looked quickly up at her; he had left her to descend to the workmen's level. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer