Synonyms for Dead:


dead (adjective)
deceased, expired, annihilated, departed, unresponsive, extinct, parted, fatal, Perished, Passed, fallen.
dull (adjective)
indifferent, cold (adjective)
flat, boring, still, numb, callous, unresponsive, anesthetized, uninteresting, dull, senseless, stagnant, insensitive, deadened, paralyzed, unfeeling.
inert (adjective)
insensitive (adjective)
anesthetized, dull.
lost (adjective)
motionless (adjective)
inert, tranquil, motionless, quiet, static, stagnant, unmoving, still, deadlocked, immobile, sleeping, fixed, inactive, languid, becalmed, dormant, stationary, vegetative, calm, Resting, standing, idle.
no longer alive (adjective)
late, departed, expired, inert, lifeless, breathless, gone, cut off, defunct, stiff, deceased, wasted, done for, extinct, Perished, asleep, inanimate, cadaverous.
non-living (adjective)
inorganic, lifeless, deceased, inanimate, non-living.
non-resonant (adjective)
muffled, dull, Damped, silenced, flat, non-resonant, mute, deadened.
not working (adjective)
spent, tired, exhausted, useless, obsolete, lost, wearied, inactive, worn, vanished.
numb (adjective)
senseless (adjective)
insensible, callous, unfeeling, comatose, faint, narcotic, dull, anesthetized, unperceptive, blacked out, swooning, senseless, insensitive, trance-like, unconscious, insentient, aloof, oblivious, numb, soporific.


completely, totally (adverb)
entirely, right.


reliable, specific, accurate, awareness, strict, right, correct, unerring, exact. fatigued, wearied, worn down, fruity, exhausted, worn-out, appealing, bleary, Weariful, fagged, breathy, grating, spent, tuckered, health, tired, croaky, adenoidal, done in, tired out, brittle, rundown, weary, disembodied, Pooped. disyllabic, figuratively, agglutinative, classical, idiomatic, figurative, cognate, insensate, creole. infectious, unwell, failing, unhealthy, worse, new, frail, vanished, sick, unfit, ill, fragile, lost. inefficient, pathetic, defective, pointless, ineffective, futile, useless, faulty, worthless, purposeless. trivial, uninspired, boring, dreary, uninteresting, unexciting, humdrum, mind-numbing, tedious. deserted, sun-baked, parched, dusty, bare, treeless, dry, arid. long, underarm, spin, rebound, bouncy, topspin, playable, backspin. stuck, Beleaguered, deadlocked, worse off, pressed, oppressed, out of your depth, embroiled, up against something, in deep trouble. mummy, remains, body, stiff, corpse, cadaver, the deceased, body count, the departed, the dead. greatly, deeply, particularly, immensely, a lot, indeed. dead (noun)
gone, defunct, exhausted, lifeless, deceased, insentient, quiet, tedious, exact, completely, numb, extinct, inert, complete, Perished, insensitive, unfeeling, totally, perfect, obsolete, downright, thorough, total, insensate, unresponsive, boring, outright, dull, tired out, uninteresting, unexciting, departed, late, humdrum, absolute, tired, entirely, unqualified, thoroughly, inanimate.
exhausted (noun)
tired, worn, spent, wearied.
extinct (noun)
ended, obsolete.


complete (verb)
final, unconditional, absolute, total.
defeated (verb)
done for.
numb (verb)

Other synonyms:

disyllabic, topspin, crashing, Pooped, figuratively, fatigued, disembodied, arrant, unrelieved, tuckered, adenoidal, grating, wearied, fruity, breathy, backspin, croaky, cognate, agglutinative, fagged, idiomatic, numbing, tired out, worn down. figurative, underarm, totally, completely, analgesia, brittle, creole, thoroughly, weary, painless, insensate, hollow, bleary, outright, thoroughgoing, Weariful, entirely, out-and-out, rebound, done in, rundown, vanished, downright. consummate, all-out, spent, worn-out, fully, flat out, bouncy, unlimited, comfortable, unbounded, classical, exhausted, unmitigated, pure. thorough, blooming, unequivocal. playable, damned, unqualified. lost. positive, unreserved. perfect, complete, spin. plain. long. clear. good.

Usage examples for dead

  1. No, sir, he is dead – The Memoires of Casanova, Complete The Rare Unabridged London Edition Of 1894, plus An Unpublished Chapter of History, By Arthur Symons by Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
  2. The day was dead – The Safety Curtain, and Other Stories by Ethel M. Dell
  3. Yes, he is dead he is dead – Footsteps of Fate by Louis Couperus