Synonyms for Base:


all (adjective)
bottom (adjective)
basic, fundamental, foundational, underlying, lowest, bottom, elementary.
cheap (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
dishonest (adjective)
disreputable (adjective)
earthy (adjective)
worldly, carnal, earthly, temporal, physical, material, secular, earthy, mundane.
low (adjective)
lowborn, ill-bred, study at mean, undignified.
lowly (adjective)
recreant (adjective)
shortest (adjective)
vulgar (adjective)
colloquial, unbecoming, unpolished, offensive, crass, cockney, ignominious, common, ignoble, obscene, ill-bred, inelegant, indelicate, undignified, scandalous, crude, tawdry, unrefined, tasteless, depraved, graceless, rough, sleazy, unseemly, revolting, outlandish, salty, boorish, chintzy, clumsy, raw, low, glaring, homespun, degraded, in bad taste, earthy, coarse-grained, animal, sordid, vulgar, brutish, cheap, barnyard, garish, idiomatic, rude, coarse, barbaric, gross, broad, shameless, rank, brazen, profane, repulsive, gaudy, philistine, tactless.
vulgar, low (adjective)
humble, coarse, sordid, immoral, ignoble, mean, lowly, dishonorable, depraved, common, scandalous, corrupt, indelicate, offensive, cheap, sleazy.
wicked (adjective)
immoral, degenerate, perverse, reprehensible, damnable, bad, indecent, wicked, blameworthy, scandalous, villainous, Misdoing, debased, sadistic, wrongdoing, iniquitous, felonious, shocking, lawbreaking, depraved, sinister, criminal, corrupt, evildoing, debauched, improper, obnoxious, black, sinful, amoral.


beastly (adverb)


populate, settle, come from, inhabit, board, live, squat, reside, arrive, settle down. friend, exponent, sponsor, substratum, adherent, follower, proponent, advocate, bed, Underpinning, supporter, sympathizer, over, ideologue. agency, agent, the biz, affiliate, blue-chip, account, acquisition, big business. chloride, compound, agrochemical, chemical, rudiment, acid, carboniferous, element. complex, Support Group, installation, headquarters, flash mob, police, club, association, commission, flash mobbing, organization, panel. evil, amoral, deviant, words, perverted. bevel, edge, predicate, back, rest, apex, brim, corner, underpin, bump, confines. convenience food, creole, baby food, confectionery, comfort food, aphrodisiac, carbohydrate, dairy. cube root, Arabic Numeral, arithmetic progression, cube, computation, coefficient, constant, common factor, common multiple. batboy, at-bat, balk, baseline, ballpark, ball, baseball, ball girl, ball boy. scene, setting, whereabouts, location, venue, center, locale, site. dog tag, fatigues, generalship, detail, garrison, billet, bust, fort. artifact (noun)
base of operations.
base (noun)
groundwork, free-base, alkali, fundament, illegitimate, inferior, home, baseborn, dishonourable, radix, root word, place, floor, radical, basic, basal, meanspirited, bag, counterfeit, post, immoral, wrong, infrastructure, lowborn, stem, ground, base of operations, substructure, basis, cornerstone, establish, unethical, stand, theme, dishonorable, send, lowly, mean, foundation, found, station, imitative, understructure, ignoble, foot, pedestal, root, humble.
bottom (noun)
nadir, sole, depths, foundation, underside, basement, foot, underneath.
causes (noun)
occasion, agent, catalyst, influence, culprit, cause, impetus, trigger, contributor.
foundation (noun)
groundwork, basis, foot, substructure, ground, infrastructure, rest, basement, root, stand, bed, bottom, substratum, pedestal, Underpinning.
fundamental part (noun)
fundamental, foundation.
groundwork (noun)
headquarters (noun)
base of operations, home, station, site, post, center, garrison.
infrastructure (noun)
rudiment (noun)


build plan or opinion on (verb)
establish, found, predicate.
cognition (verb)
establish, found, ground.

Other synonyms:

coefficient, dog tag, Arabic Numeral, chloride, rudiment, fatigues, common factor, at-bat, carboniferous, bevel, underpin, arithmetic progression, ball boy, ball girl, convenience food, generalship, aphrodisiac, comfort food, cube root, agency, baseball, element, compound, chemical, affiliate, common multiple, the biz, blue-chip, batboy, acquisition, locale, baby food, agrochemical, big business, venue. carbohydrate, ballpark, whereabouts, confectionery, computation, dairy, cube, brim, billet, baseline, garrison, bed, confines, fort, balk, predicate. creole, ball, constant, rest, location. edge, bump, corner, site, setting. installation, account. detail. back. basis
Underpinning, basis.
main office
Other relevant words:
ground, fundament, cause, basis, element, station, headquarters, alkali, occasion, mean, base of operations, venue, groundwork, stand, inferior, post, lowly, pedestal, found, evil.

Usage examples for base

  1. Our guide took a path which led him round the base of the rock. – A Drama on the Seashore by Honore de Balzac
  2. The base isn't in full swing yet. – Dave Dawson at Casablanca by Robert Sydney Bowen
  3. Choose one of these two spirits; Be good, not base – Lectures on The Science of Language by Max Müller