Synonyms for Contract:


say yes, yield, go along with, commit yourself. common ground, convention, alliance. transaction, afflict, go down with, come down with, invade. butchery, fratricide, elimination, euthanasia, HIT, genocide, foul play, culpable homicide, assassination. motor, relax, muscular, pull, spasm, smooth, reflex, overstretched, cartilaginous. shrinkage, contraction, retract, wax and wane. agreement (noun)
accession, accord, consensus, bond, concurrence, acceptance, stipulation, understanding, pact, capitulation, agreement, accordance, concord, concordance, unanimity, settlement, deal, acquiescence, arrangement, treaty, empathy, indenture, covenant.
agreement, deal (noun)
indenture, arrangement, guarantee, covenant, concordat, bond, promise, engagement, pact, compact, understanding, commitment, obligation, Mise, stipulation, convention, pledge, record, treaty, settlement, liability.
communication (noun)
contract (noun)
constrict, reduce, cut, press, sign up, sign, get, narrow, fee, declaration, undertake, compact, shrink, contract bridge, foreshorten, shorten, compress, squeeze, take, abridge, abbreviate, sign on.
endeavor (noun)
deed, project, gambit, proceeding, enterprise, essay, performance, purpose, production, undertaking, action, adventure, engagement, effort, job, commitment.
guarantee (noun)
certification, word, assurance, guarantee, lien, countersignature, affirmation, security, collateral, token, oath, warranty, insurance, safeguard.
indenture (noun)
obligation (noun)
promise (noun)
vow, mutual agreement, obligation.


agree (verb)
affirm, endorse, accede, capitulate, empathize, acquiesce, concur, sanction, pledge, cooperate, promise, stipulate, agree, assent, consent, bless, accept, conform, welcome, approve.
body (verb)
take, get.
come to terms (verb)
assent, sign up, commit, consent, undertake, stipulate, engage, go along with, agree.
communication (verb)
contract (verb)
squeeze, wither, condense.
decrease (verb)
concentrate, abate, shorten, abbreviate, diminish, compress, recede, subside, die down, curtail, erode, drain, deduct, deplete, truncate, decrement, decrease, lessen, compact, abridge, lower, deflate, shrink, dwindle.
diminish (verb)
cull, taper, pare, shave, minimize, nip, reduce, trim, shear, weed, bob, clip, lighten, downgrade, prune, crop.
endeavor (verb)
approach, perform, maneuver, endeavor, engage, assay, commit, exploit, proceed, venture, act, aim, volunteer, undertake, attempt.
hire (verb)
lease, rent, employ.

Other synonyms:

fratricide, shrinkage, invade, retract, muscular, transaction, liability, foul play. reflex, contraction. relax. motor. convention. smooth. HIT. charter
die down.
Other relevant words:
get, take, convention, Mise, come down with, contract bridge.

Usage examples for contract

  1. I would wait till to- morrow when I had the contract in my pocket. – Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie by Andrew Carnegie
  2. It remains to be seen whether Christianity fulfils its part of the contract – Is The Bible Worth Reading And Other Essays by Lemuel K. Washburn
  3. This is going to be a genuine business contract of which the terms are, that I am to do my best to assist your father to escape, and in return you are to be my wife as soon as the work is completed. – The Red Rat's Daughter by Guy Boothby