Synonyms for Acerbity:


sarcasm, mordacity, mordancy, laughter, trenchancy, corrosiveness, acridity, respect. acerbity (noun)
bitterness, tartness, jaundice, acrimony.
asperity (noun)
attribute (noun)
bitterness of taste (noun)
sourness, acidity, tartness, mordancy, astringency.
harshness (noun)
rudeness, mordancy, sarcasm, roughness.
harsh speech, behavior (noun)
rudeness, irritability, sarcasm, causticity, rancor.
irritability (noun)
bitterness, irascibility, huffiness, Crustiness, Bearishness, crankiness, bitchiness, Churlishness, surliness, peevishness, sourness, Prickliness, touchiness, petulance, crabbedness, acidity, pettiness, cantankerousness, acrimony, crossness, irritability, tartness, spitefulness, bellicosity.
rage (noun)
resentment (noun)
umbrage, bile, ill humor, hard feelings, wrath, infuriation, envy, offense, spite, soreness, dissatisfaction, antagonism, vexation, discontent, indignation, sullenness, rancor, resentment, irritation, pique.
severity (noun)
intensity, chilliness, abruptness, severity, astringency, brusqueness, grimness, leanness, briskness, sharpness, discipline, bluntness, sternness, austerity, crispness, stringency, harshness, strictness, acuteness, coolness, preciseness, matter-of-factness, correctness, causticity, meticulousness, rigorousness, bleakness, gruffness, authoritarianism, dryness, oppressiveness, frostiness, keenness, starkness.
sharpness (noun)
sourness (noun)
piquancy, Unripeness, pungency.
trenchancy (noun)

Other synonyms:

trenchancy, mordancy, corrosiveness, acridity. sarcasm. Other relevant words:
rudeness, trenchancy, mordancy, sarcasm, acidity, acridity, roughness, jaundice, corrosiveness, mordacity.

Usage examples for acerbity

  1. There was nothing amiable, nothing prepossessing, nothing soft in this man's face; and those who knew what his life had been could not wonder that the years had failed to sweeten his abrupt and contradictory acerbity or to transmute them into that kindly forbearance which old men, remembering how often they have stumbled and how many they have seen fall, sometimes find pleasure in practising. – The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers by Georg Ebers
  2. Much annoyed, I answered with some acerbity bidding her kindly to be gone. – Fibble, D. D. by Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb
  3. Miss Ethel- beads of perspiration on her flushed forehead and hands trembling with exertion so that she could scarcely hold the saw- replied with pardonable acerbity I didn't get a man because I couldn't. – The Privet Hedge by J. E. Buckrose