Synonyms for Mogul:


binding, chairlift, downhill, aspen, inner-tubing, luge, heliskiing, cross-country skiing. eminence, figure, mover and shaker, authority figure, a force to be reckoned with, prime mover, vip, leading light. islam (noun)
caliph, Black Muslim, allah, burka, ayatollah, dervish, crescent, caliphate, chador, burqa.
mogul (noun)
big businessman, moghul, business leader, top executive, magnate, tycoon, baron, king, power.
personage (noun)
notable, royalty, lord, czar.
person who has great power, many possessions (noun)
magnate, royalty, vip, king, notable, tycoon.

Other synonyms:

chairlift, leading light, heliskiing, prime mover, authority figure, luge, inner-tubing, mover and shaker, cross-country skiing, downhill, aspen. eminence. binding. figure. Other relevant words:
caliphate, chador, eminence, dervish, ayatollah, burka, royalty, burqa, figure, chairlift, notable, binding, inner-tubing, czar, vip, aspen, lord, crescent, allah, luge, downhill, caliph, heliskiing.

Usage examples for mogul

  1. A youth, fascinated by this simple graciousness of manner, declared that Emerson greeted the most ordinary persons like a King of Spain receiving an ambassador from the Great Mogul – From the Easy Chair, series 2 by George William Curtis
  2. Well, Mogul what do you really think of us? – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper