Synonyms for Guy:


macho-man, line, tackle, family man, cable, sling, truss, painter, boy wonder, lanyard, thong, young man. rubber band, holder, safety belt. roman candle, the Gunpowder Plot, rocket, firecracker, sparkler, bonfire night, pyrotechnics, firework. guys, ladies and gentlemen, people, folks, Gentlemen. boy (noun)
lad, buck.
brace (noun)
bracket, splice, stay, truss, band, clamp, rib.
cord (noun)
rein, cord, tendon, shoestring, umbilical cord, lead, gut, catgut, sinew, lariat, lasso, rope, towline, binding twine, shoelace, hamstring.
fastener (noun)
hasp, tack, clamp, fuse, mediator, binding, button, binder, seal, clinch, fastener, brace, cincture, staple, anchor, cinch, connector, hitch, band, middleman, Vinculum, clasp, grapnel, hawser, pin, bolt, lock, rabbet, belt, fastening, knitting, brad, spike, hinge, stay, knot, snap, cement, twine, link, medium, zipper, mucilage, ligament, coupling, cotter, chain, buckle, tie, go-between, string, skewer, stitch, vise, suture, bond, bonding, nail, braid, latch, thread, closure, bracket, cleat, clip, lace, weld, rivet, splice, glue, strap, paste, catch, agent, hook.
fellow (noun)
person, lad.
guy (noun)
guy cable, male, fellow, guy rope, bozo, jest at, blackguard, hombre, boy, make fun, rib, gentleman, ridicule, laugh at, chap, cat, person, poke fun.
human being (noun)
male (noun)
support (noun)

Other synonyms:

firecracker, roman candle, sparkler, the Gunpowder Plot, bonfire night, firework, macho-man. pyrotechnics, family man, young man. rocket.

Usage examples for guy

  1. " Can't say," Guy answered. – A Maker of History by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  2. He's a nice sort of guy but he's funny, kind of, like a man who has a secret, if you know what I mean. – Death Points a Finger by Will Levinrew
  3. Rob's a nice guy actually. – Joe Burke's Last Stand by John Moncure Wetterau