Synonyms for Irony:


context, position, situation, environment, state of affairs, event, conditions, background, circumstance, climate. levity, hilarity, comedy of errors, humour, slapstick. figure of speech (noun)
imagery, metaphor, contrast, figuration, oxymoron, allusion, ornament, simile, onomatopoeia, alliteration, comparison, sarcasm, parallelism.
irony (noun)
sarcasm, satire, caustic remark.
ridicule (noun)
scorn, shame, disgrace, flippancy, taunt, sneering, ridicule, roast, caricature, humiliation, abasement burlesque, denigration, joke, jesting, contempt, irreverence, indignity, deprecation, derision, mockery, insult, fun, travesty.
sarcasm (noun)
cynicism, equivocation, contradiction, ambiguity, incongruity, burlesque, innuendo, parody, paradox, mockery, absurdity, repartee, derision, study atwit, black humor, backhanded compliment, humor, double meaning, jibe, taunt, twist, gallows humor, contempt, satire, ridicule, quip, wit.
underestimation (noun)
devaluation, depreciation, belittlement, debasement, underestimation, undervaluation.
wit (noun)
cleverness, drollness, quickness, brilliance, ingeniousness, Canniness, trickiness, finesse, humor, facility, sophistry, scurrility, craftiness, deftness, astuteness, comedy, resourcefulness, Cunningness, urbanity, sharpness, intellect, artfulness, foxiness, wit, adroitness, shrewdness, inventiveness, scintillation, Subtleness, slyness, wiliness.

Other synonyms:

slapstick, gallows humor, levity, comedy of errors. travesty
Other relevant words:
burlesque, double meaning, humour, black humor, equivocation, slapstick, quip, contradiction, environment, context, position, jibe, circumstance, climate, background, caustic remark, incongruity, twist, repartee, levity, event, ambiguity, cynicism, situation, absurdity, paradox, hilarity, innuendo, conditions, parody, satire.

Usage examples for irony

  1. The irony was lost on her. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  2. What if I call my play The Irony of Life? – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker
  3. If this was irony it was also self- restraint, for it was to Catherine's enthusiasm that I owed my own. – No Hero by E.W. Hornung