Synonyms for Sack:


American Football (noun)
blitz, bootleg, end zone, American Football, carry, conversion kick, backfield.
ravage, destroy, ruin, obliterate, devastate, shatter, vandalize, eat away, mutilate, trash. boxful, cartload, dessertspoon, notice, bucketful, removal, armful, boatload. pay off, pension off, ease out, lay off, give someone notice. bag (noun)
handbag, saddlebag, bag, school bag, container, pouch, purse, pocket, reticule, gunny sack, pack sack, satchel.
container (noun)
case, bin, jar, cask, reservoir, ladle, locker, closet, barrel, chest, can, drum, bowl, flask, trunk, cupboard, repository, holder, cup, bucket, crate, wallet, receptacle, basket, drawer, stomach, bottle, tank, tray, vat, storage, shelf, vault, belly, bladder, jug, cabinet, suitcase, box, decanter.
go to bed (noun)
sleep, go to sleep, to rest, retire.
sack (noun)
fire, send away, dismiss, pocket, dismission, liberation, carrier bag, sac, plunder, give the axe, clear, sacque, shift, pouch, sackful, net, give notice, poke, terminate, can, hammock, sack up, force out, sacking, paper bag, dismissal, discharge, firing, release, chemise.


possession (verb)
raid, plunder (verb)
ravage, destroy, ruin, devastate.
remove from position of responsibility (verb)
can, discharge, terminate, ax, dismiss, fire, bounce.

Other synonyms:

gunny, gunnysack, garbage bag, body bag, pannier, shopping bag, destroy. ax, grab bag. termination. boot. bounce. dismiss
Other relevant words:
carrier bag, bounce, hammock, terminate, boot, shopping bag, poke, blitz, dismiss, dismissal, force out, paper bag, discharge, trash, removal, liberation, chemise, backfield, give notice, sacque, gunny, pannier, sack up, armful, bucketful, lay off, ravage, dessertspoon, mutilate, boxful, shift, gunnysack, release, termination, notice, carry, clear, bootleg, firing, ax, dismission, send away, boatload, retire, give the axe, obliterate, ruin, sacking, cartload, destroy, vandalize, net, sac, plunder, sackful, sleep, fire, devastate, pension off, shatter.

Usage examples for sack

  1. The string which bound the mouth of the sack was now cut. – Desperate Remedies by Thomas Hardy
  2. " And so," I argued, " he must be nearer the bottom of his sack than you are." – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  3. She quickly tied the sack up again. – The Blue Envelope by Roy J. Snell