Synonyms for Bag:


backpack, gain, briefcase, tote, poke, quiver, packet, accept, find, come by, get together, pack, sac, derive, bring. specialty, preference, accompanied baggage, Attache Case, cabin baggage, baggage, bum bag, carryall. bird, bailiwick, subject, virago, frump, witch, territory, arm candy, orbit, department, circle, battleax, terrain, dame, domain, area, field, harridan, world, scene, province, realm, chick, arena, princess. strong point, dessertspoon, long suit, ability, cartload, boatload, thing, strong suit, boxful, bucketful, armful, forte. gunnysack, body bag, gunny, garbage bag, shopping bag, grab bag, pannier. center, embed, entomb, bed, cram, bury. hunt, exterminate, poach, butcher, hunt out, cull, put down, destroy. bunch, flow, breathe, fit, fall down, hang, hug, pucker, ride up. artifact (noun)
assured (noun)
sure, definite, clinched, certain.
bag (noun)
gunny sack, grip, pack sack, traveling bag, reticule, old bag, container, bagful, suitcase, dish, satchel, sack, pocket, saddlebag, bulge, udder, purse, school bag, cup of tea, pouch, pocketbook, base, handbag.
booty (noun)
graft, plunder, booty, loot, haul, prize, swag, Boodle, spoils.
case (noun)
container (noun)
jug, stomach, ladle, bowl, suitcase, tank, cask, crate, bucket, cabinet, closet, cupboard, box, decanter, cup, jar, drum, tray, reservoir, repository, bottle, storage, trunk, bladder, chest, barrel, holder, belly, locker, basket, vat, shelf, drawer, receptacle, bin, vault, can, case, flask, wallet.
container for one's possesions (noun)
knapsack, rucksack, purse, sack, pouch, saddlebag, pack, handbag, backpack, sac, briefcase, carryall, poke, kit, tote, haversack, pocket, packet, suitcase, satchel, pocketbook, case.
hag (noun)
luggage (noun)
haversack, brief case, valise, portmanteau, traveling bag, luggage, gladstone, rucksack, kit, carpetbag, duffel bag, knapsack, grip.
special interest (noun)
preference, thing.


acquire (verb)
garner, fetch, win, score, palm, incur, buy, accumulate, retrieve, corner, receive, pocket, land, purchase, assume, secure, obtain, wrangle, claim, net, lure, add, heap.
catch (verb)
land, get, nab, acquire, take, capture, net, gain.
droop (verb)
bulge, hang.
take (verb)
collect, catch, take, procure, harvest, confiscate, annex, abduct, nab, capture, monopolize, impound, deprive, levy, amass, reap, grab, usurp, appropriate, get, gather, acquire, commandeer.

Other synonyms:

boxful, accompanied baggage, bum bag, strong point, dessertspoon, cartload, carryall, boatload, cabin baggage, pannier, bucketful, Attache Case, pucker, briefcase, gunny, armful, gunnysack, cram, strong suit, bailiwick, long suit, baggage, ride up, poke, hunt out, shopping bag, garbage bag, body bag. hunt, field, hug, arena, fall down, domain, grab bag, poach, entomb, exterminate, breathe, forte. province, specialty, terrain, cull, realm, destroy. center, bunch, butcher, orbit, embed, flow, department. area, bury. territory, scene, hang, bed. circle. put down. world. fit. thing. bulge
Other relevant words:
come by, hunt, baggage, chick, bailiwick, ability, backpack, embed, bring, bucketful, accept, bury, forte, orbit, department, base, carryall, witch, center, bird, domain, gunny, clinched, frump, virago, arena, fit, scene, pannier, breathe, certain, entomb, long suit, province, pack, derive, destroy, strong suit, udder, exterminate, realm, find, cull, specialty, cram, harridan, quiver, bagful, boxful, gunnysack, pucker, terrain, packet, dessertspoon, bunch, poach, flow, briefcase, old bag, field, area, battleax, hug, sure, thing, dame, butcher, territory, armful, dish, preference, boatload, world, hang, princess, sac, pocketbook, cup of tea, circle, definite, gain, strong point, cartload, poke, subject, bulge, bed, tote.

Usage examples for bag

  1. Poor the liquor into a bag and strain it well. – Seventy-Five Receipts for Pastry Cakes, and Sweetmeats by Miss Leslie
  2. And my hat and coat- and bag – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  3. The Director ordered one of the soldiers who accompanied him to find a small paper bag and fill it with some dust from the treasure chamber. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr