Synonyms for Thrust:


dump, blow, whack, clap, nick, wham, smack, slap, lam, plunk, cut, plop, clip, wallop. balance, capillary action, absorbance, advance, onset, centrifugal force, amplitude, centripetal force, attraction, air resistance, bonding, calorific. come at, mug, ambush, fly at, go for, impetus, strike at, set on. item, side issue, sidelight, sticking point, starting point, convex, focus, substance, point of order, contention. prodding. attack (noun)
fury, spasm, aggression, raid, frenzy, storm, furor, battle, attack, assault, offense, strike, charge, combat, violence, siege, outbreak, warfare, invasion, tirade, riot, barrage, war, bombardment, fight, foray, onslaught, bloodshed, sortie.
blow (noun)
poke, slap.
forward movement (noun)
impetus, impulsion, punch, lunge, onset, poke, wham, push, onslaught, advance, stab, momentum, shove, whack, prod, drive, propulsion.
impulse (noun)
jog, momentum, punch, bump, poke, motivation, impulse, nudge, jerk, shot, jolt, knock.
meaning (noun)
explanation, connotation, intent, gist, significance, denotation, description, point, topic, purpose, drift, subject, implication, interpretation, tenor, crux, definition, upshot, meaning, message, indication, relevance, pith.
phenomenon (noun)
point of communication (noun)
meaning, upshot, pith, gist, substance.
propulsion (noun)
impulsion, propulsion, Shoving, compulsion, pushing, Throwing.
sticking out (noun)
jut, protuberant, protrude, overhang, stick out, stick up, prominent, bulging, bulge.
thrust (noun)
jab, jabbing, pierce, squeeze, stab, driving force, force, push, push up, hurtle, drive, stuff, poke, knife thrust, hurl, lunge, thrusting, shove, poking.


attack (verb)
bombard, flay, scarify, hammer, invade, lunge, violate, scathe, lash, assail, slash, harry, scorch, trounce, pound, batter, savage.
attacked (verb)
Fought, Scathed, assaulted, Lunged, Attacked, Trounced, Bombarded, raped, charged, battered, Hammered, Combated, stricken, struck, Stormed, Rioted, Lashed, savaged, Flayed, Pounded, Raided, harried, barraged, slashed, violated, Assailed, Invaded, scorched, Scarified.
motivate (verb)
hurtle, force, jostle, shoot, trigger, stimulate, entice, ferment, encourage, hasten, urge, induce, provoke, move, energize, motivate, magnetize, instigate, prompt, foment, inspire.
motivated (verb)
moved, Hastened, Urged, Instigated, jolted, magnetized, Jostled, Fomented, stimulated, nudged, Poked, Jerked, Jogged, Knocked, Hurtled, Energized, induced, triggered, Punched, forced, provoked, Bumped, inspired, motivated, fermented, Enticed.
propel (verb)
fire, launch, compel, toss, fling, precipitate, butt, propel, heave, goad, cast, cant, ram, push, sling, hurl, shunt, shove, pitch, bowl, throw, lob, drive, chuck, catapult, impel, project, pelt, prod, bunt, flick.
propelled (verb)
thrown, Bowled, fired, Butted, Shunted, Pelted, Flicked, Shoved, Lobbed, drove, impelled, Hurled, Rammed, projected, Tossed, bunted, driven, pitched, Pushed, Threw, chucked, Prodded, Propelled, Launched, Flung, compelled, Slung, Precipitated, catapulted, heaved, goaded, canted.

Other synonyms:

thrust aside, blow, stick out. substance. jar. shoulder, strain. stick. run.

Usage examples for thrust

  1. " You've had one wife thrust upon you; why should you expect another without a struggle? – The Husbands of Edith by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. The gods thrust us into high matters. – The Virgin of the Sun by H. R. Haggard
  3. The truth of this was very soon thrust home upon them by stern experience. – The Eagle Cliff by R.M. Ballantyne