Synonyms for Force:


balance, air resistance, centrifugal force, capillary action, centripetal force, amplitude, bonding, attraction, calorific, absorbance. coercion, bed out, feed, aerate, drill, bonsai, oppression, cross-fertilize, cross-pollinate, deadhead, duress, restraint, compost. airborne, organization, air force, C-IN-C, unit, the artillery, air power, the armed forces, the Coast Guard, cavalry, contingent. get-up-and-go, monopoly, leadership, oligopoly, peppiness, sprightliness, greatness, animation, go. class, consortium, board, committee, attack, constraint, clinic. endurance, weight, resistance, over, strong, athleticism, fitness, brawn, muscle, virility. police, the fuzz, affect, the authorities, the law, the (old) bill, impact, the boys in blue, the force, repercussion, the Garda. pester, badger, compel, threaten, drag into, bulldoze, nag, bully. invent, catalyze, form, start-off, set off, corps, inaugurate, create. cutting, gentle, following, gusty, gale-force, the Beaufort scale, easterly, biting, east. jar, shoulder, jab, thrust aside, strain. Interpol, highway patrol, guard, drug squad, flying squad, the CID, forensics. pry, unlock, unfold, unscrew, burst open, crack something open, undo, open up, try. authority (noun)
credential, sovereignty, office, commission, mandate, purview, enfranchisement, rank, cogency, Prepotency, kingship, mastery, license, seniority, title, stature, prestige, prerogative, authority, empowerment, faculty, clout, precedence, punch, superiority, steam, right, privilege, entitlement, powerfulness, influence, mightiness, primacy, command, sway, domination, control, birthright.
cause (noun)
motive, inspiration, compulsion, action, enforcement, provocation, mainspring, evocation, grounds, compunction, elicitation, basis, generation, origination, motivator, stimulus, source, execution, effectuation, factor, determinant, root.
crew (noun)
caucus, assemblage, group, troop, faction, clique, battalion, hive, assembly, league, complement, collection, ring, brigade, club, aggregation, division, bevy, wing, retinue, crowd, posse, body, drove, band, cell, platoon, society, tribe, host, troupe, sect, mob, staff, crew, cabal, phalanx, colony, detail, herd, junta, fleet, union, covey, outfit, company, coalition, gang, litter, school, regiment, detachment, fellowship, party, pack, team, squad, nest, string, bunch, clan, circle, fraternity, coterie, cadre, flock, set, army.
efficacy (noun)
emphasis (noun)
energy (noun)
strength, verve, pep, effervescence, energy, spunk, puissance, stamina, spirit, potency, vim, zing, fervor, activity, zeal, snap, vigor, vivacity, zip, might.
impulse (noun)
lawman (noun)
life (noun)
mental power, energy (noun)
competence, willpower, determination, efficacy, influence, cogency, puissance, capability, gumption, drive, authority, dominance, persistence, forcefulness, effect.
military organization (noun)
body, division, cell, crew, troop, guard, corps, unit, host, army, battalion, detachment, regiment, squad.
motive (noun)
facilitation, goading, induction, fomentation, stimulation, fermentation, catalyst, propulsion, impulsion, magnetism, prompting, enticement.
oomph (noun)
physical energy, power (noun)
violence, potency, stimulus, enforcement, vigor, muscle, pressure, clout, impact, steam, strain, push, punch, might, duress, coercion, strength, compulsion.
police force (noun)
highway patrol.
power (noun)
competence, grasp.
strength (noun)


cause (verb)
induce, inspire, elicit, bring about, cause, execute, engender, generate, evoke, enforce, motivate, provoke, drive, act, produce, engineer, make, originate, give rise to, effect.
communication (verb)
effect (verb)
energize (verb)
empower, invigorate, activate, recharge, power, spark, charge, revive, rouse, energize, fire.
motivate (verb)
ferment, shoot, jog, prompt, encourage, launch, hasten, shove, poke, propel, fling, heave, knock, stimulate, jostle, hurl, jolt, hurtle, impel, push, lob, bump, prod, trigger, ram, magnetize, foment, nudge, instigate, throw, pitch, jerk, goad, entice, urge, strike, catapult, thrust, sling, move.
obligate to do something (verb)
coerce, urge, impel, enforce, make, cause, command, charge, compel, move.
use violence upon (verb)
pry, squeeze, propel, undo, thrust.

Other synonyms:

Interpol, sprightliness, bulldoze, athleticism, greatness, gale-force, unscrew, gusty, pry, constraint, flying squad, brawn, pester, drag into, virility, the CID, the Beaufort scale, oligopoly, endurance, oppression, dominance, highway patrol. biting, forensics, peppiness, animation, monopoly, badger, repercussion, duress, get-up-and-go, leadership, muscle, restraint, coercion. corps, unit, following, bully, unlock, easterly. resistance, gentle, nag. cutting, east. try. open up. weight. guard. bring
engender, prompt.
pressure, strain.
Other relevant words:
impact, forcefulness, strain, repercussion, violence, coerce, personnel, compel, pressure, weight.

Usage examples for force

  1. There was force in him. – Blake's Burden by Harold Bindloss
  2. Then I'll find a way to force you to. – San-Cravate; or, The Messengers; Little Streams by Charles Paul de Kock
  3. A force is neither cause of an effect nor effect of a cause. – Schopenhauer by Thomas Whittaker