Synonyms for Company:


agency, organization, blue-chip, acquisition, anchor, the biz, base, agent, affiliate, account, big business. contingent, command, cavalry, advance guard, gathering, throng. relationship, rapport, guest, chemistry, tie, reconciliation, link, relations. corps de ballet, drill team, chorus line, chorus girl, amuse, cheerleader, chorus, ballet, visit, entertain, ballerina, dancer. event, blind date, muster, black tie, meeting, dinner party, convention, competition, DO, fringe, evening, congregation, get together, conclave, congress, collect, coffee klatch, conference, convocation. bosun, docker, visitor, boatman, captain, cap'n, crewman, buccaneer, boatswain, accompanied, visitant. guest of honor, man-about-town, hostess, connect, party animal, partygoer, invitee, socialite. house. performing arts, corps. consort, go hand in hand with, attend, escort. business (noun)
assignment, establishment, career, firm, station, industry, service, affair, corporation, commission, barter, job, market, consortium, calling, occupation, labor, activity, commerce, concern, merchant, transaction, negotiation, holding, proprietorship, position, interest, retailing, business, livelihood, situation, busy work, trade, selling, employment, posting, partnership, practice, exchange, management, venture, enterprise, specialty, vocation, profession.
business concern (noun)
house, enterprise, concern, business, partnership, establishment, corporation, firm.
business establishment (noun)
cohort (noun)
pal, mate.
companionship (noun)
company (noun)
keep company, troupe, accompany, party, companion, society, companionship, fellowship, caller, ship's company.
crowd of people (noun)
league, collection, set, gang, circle, assemblage, corps, crew, clique, mob, gathering, muster, convention, club, troop, congregation, team, aggregation, body, clan, troupe, assembly, coterie, retinue, ring, party, outfit, throng, pack, group, band.
expedition (noun)
friend (noun)
friend, crony, fellow, pal, acquaintance, intimate, roommate, playmate, mate, teammate, confidant, Familiar, amigo, schoolmate, chum, partner, sister, comrade, classmate, ally, colleague, companion, brother, cousin, co-worker, buddy.
social friend, guest (noun)
companionship, visitor, caller, society.
social organization (noun)
visitor (noun)
visitor, invitee.

Other synonyms:

partygoer, docker, cap'n, party animal, bosun, buccaneer, ballerina, blind date, drill team, advance guard, guest of honor, guest, visitor, dinner party, dancer, boatman, socialite, agency, contingent, coffee klatch, man-about-town, invitee, cavalry, crewman, visitant. corps, black tie, cheerleader, conclave, escort. event, consort, congress, visit, get together, organization. competition, meeting, command, evening. chorus, hostess, captain. fringe, attend. house. DO. Other relevant words:
boatswain, guest, anchor, agent, throng, chorus, collect, entertain, corps de ballet, keep company, reconciliation, dancer, bosun, companionship, command, relationship, event, contingent, buccaneer, account, congress, cheerleader, fringe, boatman, agency, escort, house, connect, DO, accompany, hostess, ballerina, consort, get together, relations, conclave, organization, meeting, caller, acquisition, attend, base, corps, convocation, muster, rapport, go hand in hand with, gathering, cavalry, visitor, crewman, partygoer, convention, affiliate, visit, docker, socialite, captain, invitee, accompanied, congregation, tie, link, conference, amuse, competition, ballet, chemistry, ship's company, visitant, evening.

Usage examples for company

  1. Vaughan cried, glad to leave his company – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman