Synonyms for High:


above (adjective)
cheerful (adjective)
in high spirits.
elevated (adjective)
excited (adjective)
expensive (adjective)
precious, costly, high-priced, expensive, sky-high.
extreme (adjective)
extraordinary, strong, special, high-priced, dear, expensive, sharp, costly, precious, unusual.
foul-smelling (adjective)
high (adjective)
lofty, atmospheric, tall.
important (adjective)
powerful, serious, meaningful, major, key, exalted, distinguished, significant, chief, central, leading, vital, necessary, essential, fundamental, crucial.
intoxicated, drugged (adjective)
stoned, doped, potted, inebriated, tipsy.
overwrought (adjective)
rancid (adjective)
fusty, frowzy.
shrill (adjective)
penetrating, loud.
shrill, strong (on the senses) (adjective)
malodorous, treble, high-pitched, penetrating, piping, piercing, acute, soprano, loud.
size (adjective)
expansive, voluminous, big, long, extensive, magnificent, great, amplitudinous, wide, measurable, broad, corpulent, large, chunky, sizable, portly, bulky, dimensional.
tall; at a great distance aloft (adjective)
Hovering, grand, formidable, immense, big, lofty, tremendous, sky-high, huge, colossal, flying, aerial, towering, great, large, eminent, altitudinous, steep, giant, long, soaring, gigantic.
upper (adjective)
very happy (adjective)
exuberant, psyched, cheerful, elated.


all (adverb)
high up.


alcoholism, Al-Anon, cheers, delirium tremens, abuse, alcoholics anonymous, designated driver, aa, dependence, binge drinking. aloft, top, topmost, uppermost, important, over. classically, average, classical, extraordinary, special, unusual, standard, exacting. continental, anglophone, abroad, stoned, drugged, tripping, hopped-up, coast-to-coast, bicoastal, turned on, american, arctic, potted, anglo-saxon, psyched, wasted, anglo-american, baltic. celsius, in heaven, degree, bimetallic strip, eighties, F, absolute zero, centigrade, boiling point, up in space, C, fahrenheit, above. completely, perfectly, particular, entire, altogether, complete, literally, absolute, especially, pure. substantial, considerable. hooked, blissed out, ancient, immemorial, strung-out, new, addicted, bombed-out, gone. highlight, acute, crossroads, milestone, shrilly, breaking point, turning point, shrieky, the point of no return, climax, watershed, the moment of truth. crowded, style, eloquent, congested, grand, packed, busy, dense, cramped, teeming, jammed, high-flown, bulging. currency, base currency, decimalize, change, denominate, Heightened, bureau de change, decimalise, convertible, common currency, raised, increase, basket. enormous, costly, dear, high-priced, king-size, vast, value, expensive. following, fierce, force, gusty, furious, east, heavy, gale-force, biting, the Beaufort scale, cutting, strong, gentle, easterly. glad, happy, Drugs, wiped out, spaced-out, contented, cheerful, lit, alive, pleased, doped, zonked, exuberant, content, satisfied, carefree. excite, thrill, kick, clear, lift, reedy, boot, jumpy, creaky, wallop, plaintive, metallic, bang. unrealistic, fond hope/wish/dream etc., dearest, faint. low-rise, precipitous, knee-high, level. frowzy, acrid, fetid, fusty, icky, nasty, musty, funky. odorous, laden, odorless, odoriferous, redolent. drunk (noun)
exalted (noun)
leading, powerful, distinguished, important.
extravagantly (noun)
widely, expansively, without restraint.
happiness (noun)
elation, nirvana, joy, euphoria, delight, ecstasy, jollity, contentment, happiness, pleasure.
high (noun)
high-stepping, high pressure, exalted, luxuriously, high school, high up, soprano, altissimo, full, high-topped, gamey, in flood, mellow, towering, overflowing, higher, sharp, highschool, great, inebriated, lofty, nasal, broad, dominating, climactic, overlooking, altitudinous, high-top, squeaking, high-level, high-stepped, pinched, squeaky, piping, shrill, elated, spiky, richly, steep, screechy, climactical, shrilling, adenoidal, high gear, senior high school, flooding, malodorous, eminent, tenor, alto, graduate, in high spirits, soaring, falsetto, senior high, commanding, piercing, upper, screaky, countertenor, utmost, postgraduate, squealing, gamy, intoxicated, peaky, high-pitched, heights, last, advanced, treble, peak, swollen, sopranino.
schools (noun)
college, charm school, COMP, community college, boarding school, church school, conservatory, academy, comprehensive school, convent school.

Other synonyms:

fusty, briny, fluvial, serious, classical, deep-sea, vast, tremendous, king-size, exacting, knee-high, wiped out, besotted, looped, sky-high, enormous, classically, considerable, hopped-up, substantial, stewed, shrilly, crapulent, plaintive, significant, shrieky, sloshed, potted, aloft, widely, plastered, choppy, bombed, crocked, reedy, doped, soused, immense, Boozed, flying, pickled, odoriferous, colossal, zonked, crapulous, gigantic, stinko, above, fetid, odorless, odorous, boozy, standard, stoned, musty, unrealistic. huge, tipsy, immemorial, freshwater, topmost, coastal, climax, thrill, smashed, costly, high-priced, lit, frowzy, turned on, redolent, pixilated, laden, creaky, uppermost, stinking, high-flown, average, jumpy, Heightened, inebriate. cockeyed, funky, over, sodden, dear, eloquent. metallic, furious. faint, loaded, ancient, fierce, powerful, dearest, raised. giant, top, acute, boot. bang. fresh, blind. heavy. strong. tight. level. clear. comatose
grand, exalted.
in the air
Other relevant words:
high school, strong, expensive, plastered, sharp, costly, pickled, high up, high-flown, loaded, high-pitched, soused, crocked, distinguished, dear, steep, chief, eminent, tipsy, tight, stinko, towering, potted, cockeyed, grand, shrill, exalted.

Usage examples for high

  1. Don't you think it is high time we did? – Then I'll Come Back to You by Larry Evans
  2. Oh, that isn't high – The Chinese Boy and Girl by Isaac Taylor Headland
  3. You'll understand it, fer you've ben to high school. – The Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye