Synonyms for Extraordinary:


additional (adjective)
different (adjective)
exceptional (adjective)
notable, uncustomary, phenomenal, amazing, unprecedented, fabulous, unusual, marvelous, Wonderous, outstanding, sensational, exceptional, peculiar, striking, excellent, outlandish, fantastic, miraculous, wonderful, noteworthy, superior, remarkable, exotic, novel.
important (adjective)
irregular (adjective)
quirky, exceptional, irregular.
nonconforming (adjective)
eccentric, untypical, crosspatch, unconventional, un-ordinary, bizarre, divergent, erratic, abnormal, aberrant, freakish, novel, oddball, inconsistent, oddity, funny, outlandish, fey, strange, off, irregular, quirky, idiosyncratic, singular, different, exceptional, anomalous, curious, unfamiliar, uncustomary, deranged, atypical, crazy, unusual, deviant, uncommon, out of the ordinary, incongruous, peculiar, odd, incompatible, misfit, improper, mismatch, nonconforming, unique.
strange and wonderful (adjective)
odd, unfamiliar, marvelous, fantastic, unusual, exceptional, special, strange, remarkable, rare, bizarre, phenomenal, outstanding, unprecedented, amazing, singular, surprising, terrific, curious, uncommon, out of the ordinary, peculiar, unique.
surprising (adjective)
unusual (adjective)
atypical, uncommon, novel, unusual, unique, rare, exceptional, peculiar, singular.


as well, further, besides, supplementary, together with something, too, also, additional, extra, in addition. unhoped-for, an improvement on something, preferable, improved, so much the better. extraordinary (noun)
exceptional, tremendous, some, rattling, one, uncommon, marvelous, frightful, phenomenal, preternatural, over-the-top, howling, wondrous, wonderworking, prodigious, bonzer, marvellous, surpassing, singular, wonderful, exceeding, great, immoderate, olympian, pyrotechnic, remarkable, rare, special, unusual, terrific, fantastic.

Other synonyms:

unexpected, preferable, unhoped-for, STANDOUT, earth-shattering, surprising, out of sight, staggering. preeminent, towering, awesome. amazing. better, magnificent.

Usage examples for extraordinary

  1. And the extraordinary looking man on my right? – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  2. And then one day an extraordinary thing happened! – Betty Trevor by Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey
  3. Your voice is extraordinary – The Second Voice by Mann Rubin