Synonyms for Lower:


decreased (adjective)
contracted, shortened, deflated, depleted, eroded, truncated, abridged, Curtailed, Compacted, shrunk, abbreviated, decreased, compressed, diminished, Abated, decremented, concentrated, drained, lessened, Receded.
low (adjective)
depleted, below, inferior, sunken, down, beneath, depressed, bottom, lowly.
lower (adjective)
diminished, decreased, lessened, nether, subordinate, under, secondary, low, Curtailed, junior.
subordinate (adjective)
unimportant (adjective)
mere, meaningless, unconsidered, superficial, irrelevant, of no consequence/of little consequence, unimportant, inconsequential.


look, examine, survey, check on, stare, gaze, look around, inspect, take in. minimize, scowl, halve, top-slice, express, shrivel. bank, billow, cirrostratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, see, cloud, cirrocumulus, column, cloudy, cirrus. overhang, underlying, impend, near, threaten, underfoot, brew, underneath, loom, underwater, underground, hang over, subterranean, below, beneath, under, menace. depressed, low-level, rock bottom, down, sunken, subnormal, low. meet, lock, stare down, outstare, leer, fix with, bore into, eye. lose your balance/footing, go down. artifact (noun)
lower berth.
inferior (noun)
lower (noun)
junior, lower-ranking, petty, infernal, turn down, lour, bring down, take down, nether, lowly, subaltern, get down, bottom, depress, less, inferior, secondary, let down, lower berth, chthonic, subordinate, frown, junior-grade, glower, chthonian.
reduce (noun)
ground, de-escalate, push down, demote, scale down.


cheapen (verb)
devaluate, devalue, degrade, slash, cheapen, mark down.
decrease (verb)
decrement, truncate, abridge, lessen, drain, shorten, deflate, erode, abbreviate, deplete, decrease, shrink, diminish, compact, contract, deduct, recede, compress, dwindle, subside, abate, curtail, concentrate, die down.
depress (verb)
debase, sink, depress, attenuate.
descend (verb)
descend, plummet, settle, slip, come down, decline, plunge, tumble, fall down, topple, slide, slump, fall, drop.
discount (verb)
lower (verb)
debase, take down, depress, prune, descend, scale down, demote, drop, deepen, pare, decrease, devalue, lessen, degrade, ground, clip, reduce, let down, diminish, abate, cut, curtail, shave, push down, mark down, sink, slash, depreciate, submerge, deflate, de-escalate, devaluate.
shorten (verb)
belittle, condense, clip.
subordinate (verb)
subtract (verb)
dock, discount, subtract, cut, elide, crop, depreciate, pare, reduce, shear, shave, delete, bob, trim, prune, weed.

Other synonyms:

top-slice, subterranean, fix with, bore into, underlying, underwater, stare down, shrivel, outstare, leer, rock bottom, underfoot. impend, beneath, scowl, sunken, minimize, brew, low-level, depressed, subnormal. loom, underground, overhang, halve. under, below. low. threaten. eye. meet. lock. go down. down. cheapen
mark down.
cut short
die down.
turn down.
let down.
frown, scowl, glower.
get down
get down.
take down.

Usage examples for lower

  1. " Soft," answered the younger man readily, " and going lower too. – Loaded Dice by Ellery H. Clark
  2. And on a lower line, " while it is day." – Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man by Marie Conway Oemler
  3. And- I believe, he added, after a moment, in a lower tone, I believe- that you love me! – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward