Synonyms for Climax:


summit (adjective)


crossroads, the point of no return, breaking point, highlight, the moment of truth. lie with, fastigium, sleep together, jump into bed with someone, payoff, consummate, meridian, make love, sleep with, spend the night with someone, bed, height, high, be intimate with someone. perk up, vary, liven up, wake up, ignite, enliven, embroider, spice up, sparkle, bring something to life. climax (noun)
culminate, sexual climax, coming, culmination, flood tide.
communication (noun)
completion (noun)
conclusion, finale, finish, fulfillment, end, achievement, culmination, consummation, execution, termination, accomplishment, arrival, completion, fruition.
crisis (noun)
predicament, critical moment, exigency, crucial point, emergency, crux, crisis, turning point, strait, key point.
critical point (noun)
crucial point.
event (noun)
flood tide.
heaven (noun)
eternity, stratosphere, shangri-la, land o'goshen, heaven, azure, mountaintop, zenith, rhapsody, fairyland, bliss, nirvana, happiness, immortality, pinnacle, paradise, everlastingness, acme, wonderland, zion, ecstasy, dreamland, spire, goshen, canaan, eden, afterworld, glory, summit, apex, joyfulness, hereafter, ether.
peak (noun)
pitch, turning of the tide, ascendancy, height, decisive moment, point of highest development, highest degree, intensification, meridian, crowning point, defining moment, utmost extent.
peak, culmination (noun)
height, payoff, highlight, pitch, apex, turning point, maximum, acme, top, zenith, ascendancy, pinnacle, extremity, crowning point, crest, intensification, summit, meridian, limit.
sexual activity (noun)
coitus, coupling, buggery, ejaculation, blow job, encounter, bonk.
summit (noun)
brow, topmost point, cap, top, limit, highest point, extremity, crest, crown, tip, maximum, uppermost point, peak.
top (noun)


change (verb)
come to top; culminate (verb)
crown, peak, cap, end, finish.

Other synonyms:

crossroads, breaking point, payoff, fastigium. ejaculation. highlight. high. climax
sexual activity
buggery, coitus, bonk, coupling, blow job, encounter.
Other relevant words:
ejaculation, high, pitch, utmost extent, meridian, coitus, ignite, height, enliven, crowning point, crossroads, culminate, consummate, buggery, bed, intensification, coupling, defining moment, vary, highest degree, embroider, payoff, sparkle, coming, fastigium, highlight, bonk, flood tide, ascendancy, encounter.

Usage examples for climax

  1. An odd sense of adventure surrounded her, and she felt as though she were now at last approaching the climax to which the slow events of the last two years had been leading. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  2. The machine"- he paused for his climax the machine has no soul- it don't even need a minister. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  3. There was a climax towards which they were working, had been working for a long time. – Lord John in New York by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson