Synonyms for Trice:


tick, time, big, JIFF, twinkle. flash (noun)
jiffy, twinkling.
instant (noun)
split second, tick, flash, wink, time.
jiffy (noun)
moment (noun)
instant, twinkle.
suddenness (noun)
quickness, flash, haste, immediacy, instantaneousness, heartbeat, suddenness, twinkling.
trice (noun)
jiffy, wink, new york minute, split second, blink of an eye, instant, trice up, twinkling, flash.


contact (verb)
trice up.

Other synonyms:

New York minute
new york minute.
JIFF. tick. Other relevant words:
new york minute, wink, flash, split second, twinkle, jiffy, blink of an eye, tick, JIFF, instant, trice up, time.

Usage examples for trice

  1. " Keep her away, and make all sail in chase," I answered, springing up; " I'll be on deck in a trice – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston