Synonyms for Chair:


associate professor, educator, academic, room, instructor, place, couch, full professor, don, space, educationalist, assistant professor. command, fellowship, govern, look after, watch over, authority, headship, position, supervise. back, speaker, arm, captain, backrest, chaise lounge, master of ceremonies, principal, chaise, moderator, chaise longue, monitor, leader, administrator, chesterfield, armrest, director. capital punishment, the death penalty, execution, death row, behead, death sentence, execute, crucifixion, death warrant, the chair. convener, delegate, deputation, discussion group, contingent, meeting. authority (noun)
chair (noun)
chairperson, saddle, electric chair, dining chair, lawn chair, swing, bar stool, lounge chair, president, hot seat, stool, chairman, lead, moderate, rocker, professorship, recliner, rumble seat, throne, sedan chair, bucket seat, death chair, deck chair, hassock, seat, bench, armchair, furniture, straight chair, pew, ottoman, sofa, chairwoman, swivel chair, campstool.
chairman (noun)
couch (noun)
chesterfield, chaise longue.
person in or position of authority (noun)
chairperson, director, fellowship, monitor, throne, captain, leader, principal, professorship.
single-seat furniture (noun)
armchair, recliner, bench, rocker.


social (verb)

Other synonyms:

chaise longue, assistant professor, deputation, fellowship, chaise, associate professor, convener, chaise lounge, educationalist, armrest, chesterfield, educator, full professor, backrest, don. contingent, moderator, couch, discussion group. delegate. academic. meeting. arm. back. executive
Other relevant words:
headship, hot seat, delegate, captain, contingent, president, supervise, academic, convener, command, govern, authority, manage, meeting, fellowship, educator, chesterfield, death chair, director, moderator, look after, capital punishment, monitor, crucifixion, moderate, electric chair, master of ceremonies, administrator, educationalist, leader, back, chairman, chairperson, couch, speaker, professorship, chaise, place, preside, position, lead, principal, chairwoman, execution, don.

Usage examples for chair

  1. He made no move to bring her a chair – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  2. Bartholomew got up and took a chair which was nearer Fanny. – The Front Yard by Constance Fenimore Woolson
  3. But then, wasn't it good that it was only the old chair that we had to- day? – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various