Synonyms for Net:


all (adjective)
fabric (adjective)
linen, tarpaulin, felt, percale, mohair, cheesecloth, horsehair, madras, challis, cambric, tulle, cotton, herringbone, chenille, jersey, sharkskin, silk, tricot, brocade, velour, cashmere, crepe, serge, sacking sailcloth, plaid, damask, batik, longcloth, fabric, gossamer, quilting, oilcloth, chiffon, calico, satin, taffeta, lame, acrilan, muslin, crinoline, tweed, twill, fleece, matting, alpaca, suede, nylon, duffel, flannel, rayon, wool, burlap, denim, gabardine, corduroy, chintz, bunting, sateen, moleskin, orlon, seersucker, baize, velvet, gingham, worsted, grenadine, dacron, canvas, broadcloth, astrakhan, Celanese, foulard, paisley.
profiting (adjective)
remaining, final, exclusive, Excluding, after deductions, clear, after taxes, irreducible, pure, undeductible.


irreducible, undeductible, bring, derive, get together, find, exclusive, after deductions, after taxes, remaining, accept, pure, Excluding, come by. therefore, knock on, netting, ensuing, thus, From, hence, by virtue of something, consequently, as a consequence/in consequence, accordingly, thing. client-server, Edi, ethernet, colocation, connect up, command, database server, Extranet, account name, end system. bury, attack, concede, deadlock, assist, aggregate, all, chalk something up, cushion. crease, bowl, baseline, court, the box, Astroturf, bleachers, the bench. claw back, chargeable, corporate welfare, 1040 form, chancellor of the exchequer, allowance, audit, 1099, the Boston Tea Party. bite, blood sports, big game, angling, cast. dragnet, cockpit, barb, drift net, drifter, bait, fishing line, creel, decoy, fishing rod. get back, turn over, generate, draw. gauze, pinstripe, lace. heavy, dense, counterweight, density, load, light, dead weight, lightweight. the Internet, the Web, the World Wide Web, W3, www, the information superhighway, the Net. basketball (noun)
field goal, basketball, basket, foul line, foul out, backboard, full-court press, center, dunk, goaltending.
cobweb (noun)
make (noun)
gain above expenses.
mesh, web (noun)
netting, network, lace, fabric.
net (noun)
sack, last, ultimate, network, final, profit, net profit, clear, sack up, meshwork, meshing, earnings, take home, web, lucre, nett, mesh, reticulation, profits, net income.
tennis (noun)
break, ball boy, clay, break point, alley, ace, advantage, the Davis Cup, ball girl.


acquire (verb)
incur, heap, harvest, get, lure, collect, capture, receive, purchase, amass, retrieve, take, corner, win, palm, assume, score, buy, add, procure, obtain, bag, reap, catch, acquire, garner, wrangle, pocket, land, annex, fetch, accumulate, claim, secure.
capture (verb)
bag, catch.
gain after expenses (verb)
accumulate, reap, profit.
possession (verb)
clear, sack up, sack.

Other synonyms:

dragnet, lace. gauze, density, counterweight, pinstripe, netting, bring. basket, generate, dead weight. get back, lightweight. get together. dense, turn over. load. draw. light. heavy. take-home
take home.
Other relevant words:
gauze, crease, consequently, dense, final, lace, colocation, bait, break, basketball, lightweight, backboard, draw, meshwork, reticulation, therefore, dunk, hence, advantage, all, www, sack, cast, net income, W3, profits, alley, lucre, dragnet, pinstripe, last, goaltending, meshing, Edi, bowl, generate, irreducible, bury, ensuing, netting, nett, remaining, decoy, exclusive, Excluding, net profit, bleachers, creel, drifter, 1099, bring, attack, network, thing, after deductions, baseline, bite, allowance, come by, pure, web, Extranet, after taxes, mesh, angling, aggregate, assist, clear, sack up, basket, find, barb, heavy, accept, derive, ultimate, concede, Astroturf, client-server, counterweight, From, deadlock, command, light, density, ace, cushion, clay, thus, center, ethernet, cockpit, undeductible, load, chargeable, audit, accordingly, court.

Usage examples for net

  1. She was caught in the net – Verotchka's Tales by Mamin Siberiak
  2. In the evening net – The Life and Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Volume I (of 2) by Florence A. Thomas Marshall
  3. He could not understand the sudden removal of the net – The Little Colonel at Boarding-School by Annie Fellows Johnston