Synonyms for Prevailing:


actual (adjective)
common (adjective)
routine, habitual, monotonous, constant, conventional, everyday, frequent, commonplace, general, stock, standard.
conventional (adjective)
orthodox, accustomed, traditional.
current (adjective)
in progress, present.
dominant (adjective)
supreme, commanding, Presiding, chief, ascendant.
prevailing (adjective)
universal, worldwide, principal, sweeping, common, ruling, usual, comprehensive, widespread, regular, prevalent, ordinary, steady, current, Familiar, popular, Predominating, regnant, rampant, predominant, customary, rife.
regular (adjective)
habitual, accustomed, customary, steady, regular, ordinary, continual, orthodox, epochal, recurrent, universal, chronic, usual, common, average, standard, stock, constant, general, Familiar, metronomic, normal, periodic, conventional, Predominating, cyclical, rhythmic, frequent, traditional, commonplace, canonical, routine, monotonous, everyday, mundane.


in progress, modern-day, present, alive, at this time, immediate. diffuse, prolific, numerous, be everywhere. specific, regnant, widespread. ascendant, supreme, important, Prepotent. prevailing (noun)
prevalent, predominant, rife, frequent, current.
prevalent (noun)
sweeping, popular, rampant, chief, principal, comprehensive, worldwide, widespread.


dominating (verb)
Oppressing, conquering, controlling, ruling, bettering, commanding, Lording, Vanquishing, mastering, subordinating, Overseeing, Presiding.
existing (verb)
living, Subsisting, lasting, Occurring, abiding, existing, being, continuing, enduring.
raging (verb)
remaining (verb)
remaining, waiting, Tarrying, lingering, Staying, persisting.
succeeding (verb)
Overcoming, winning, Consummating, Triumphing, Accomplishing, Fulfilling, Surmounting, succeeding, Earning, dominating, Attaining, Achieving, ascending.

Other synonyms:

ascendant, numerous, modern-day, principal. alive, regnant, popular, Prepotent. present, immediate, prolific. widespread. Other relevant words:
rife, ascendant, supreme, current, rampant, important, predominant, popular, modern-day, worldwide, regnant, present, chief, widespread, numerous, alive, Prepotent, comprehensive, sweeping, principal, diffuse, prolific, specific, prevalent, immediate.

Usage examples for prevailing

  1. The prevailing colour of the Cotswold landscape may be said to be that of gold. – A Cotswold Village by J. Arthur Gibbs
  2. When Francis I. was obliged to wear his hair short, owing to a wound he received in the head, it became a prevailing fashion at court. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  3. Vaughan answered, with returning indignation, in the face of the disorder now prevailing – Chippinge Borough by Stanley J. Weyman