Synonyms for Eye:


attentive (adjective)
observant, perceptive, aware.


look around, examine, take in, check on, survey, orb, inspect. chain lightning, sight, sheet lightning, fury, lightning, forked lightning, perception, appreciation, storm cloud, angry, taste, landfall, discrimination. blind spot, focus, cataract, eagle eye, double vision, 20/20 vision, binocular vision, the blind, astigmatism. clasp, drawstring, see, cufflink, cummerbund, braces, buckle, belt, button, eyelet. eyesight, thimble, cotton reel, pin, pinhead, needle, seeing, cotton, vision, bobbin, notions, pincushion, light. chin, nose, astuteness, brow, perceptiveness, discernment, dimple, Percipience, Clear-sightedness, keenness, ability, sagacity, Percipiency, careful, Sageness, Crow's-feet, crease, eye socket, cheek, bone structure, wit, shrewdness, perspicacity, complexion, acumen. meet, bore into, standpoint, glower, outstare, perspective, lower, vantage, point of view, angle, lock, fix with, stare down, viewpoint, outlook, leer. spear, floret, straight, peelings, cob, ring, pulp, loop, flesh, peel, skin. edge, grimace, expression, frown, glare, look, countenance, long face, face, midst, thick, mask. eye contact, investigate, gaze, investigator, gumshoe, preview, dick, sleuth, detective. be in practice, have a flair for something, be no slouch, have a genius for (doing) something, can do something in your sleep, have a magic touch, be a past master at doing something, have/get something down to a fine art, be able to do something. body (noun)
oculus, optic.
detective (noun)
dick, peeper.
eye (noun)
eyeball, peeper, middle, optic, oculus, center, centre, heart.
judgment, opinion (noun)
discrimination, eagle eye, point of view, viewpoint, taste, appreciation, discernment, perception.
optical organ of an animate being (noun)
peeper, eyeball, optic, oculus.

n. & v.

leer (noun, verb)


gaze at, scrutinize (verb)
take in, inspect, survey, leer.
perception (verb)

Other synonyms:

bobbin, cufflink, forked lightning, glower, dimple, sleuth, pincushion, cummerbund, outstare, Crow's-feet, Sageness, chin, gaze, brow, notions, chain lightning, bone structure, see, eyelet, leer, drawstring, Clear-sightedness, gumshoe, Percipiency, stare down, thimble, bore into, dick, binocular vision, Percipience, cataract, cotton reel, fix with, long face, pinhead, eye socket, sheet lightning, perceptiveness, landfall, astigmatism, double vision. complexion, fury, blind spot, cheek, grimace, eyesight, discernment, seeing, sagacity, frown, acumen, orb, shrewdness, clasp, standpoint, viewpoint, detective, floret, cob, eagle eye, point of view, perspicacity, lightning, countenance, astuteness. keenness, spear, vision, midst, outlook, buckle, glare, angry, investigator, vantage. look, cotton, discrimination, crease. button, wit, expression, needle, mask. lower, nose. ring. belt, pin. meet. lock. thick. face, light. ascertain
eyeball, check on.
Other relevant words:
discernment, gaze, cummerbund, perceptiveness, orb, angry, landfall, examine, outlook, eyelet, vision, thick, ring, cataract, meet, floret, viewpoint, glare, drawstring, see, button, face, look, Percipience, lock, investigate, cotton, fury, eyesight, glower, survey, discrimination, pincushion, cob, keenness, light, sagacity, dimple, preview, flesh, vantage, perception, belt, investigator, chin, peelings, perspicacity, perspective, frown, thimble, midst, needle, Sageness, lightning, complexion, countenance, bobbin, observant, skin, gumshoe, straight, standpoint, peel, nose, spear, outstare, crease, angle, pin, ability, expression, wit, aware, cheek, careful, edge, lower, brow, clasp, seeing, appreciation, astigmatism, inspect, shrewdness, acumen, astuteness, loop, buckle, cufflink, stare down, leer, point of view, focus, braces, mask, grimace, notions, pinhead, dick, pulp, sight, Percipiency, perceptive, taste, sleuth, detective, Clear-sightedness.

Usage examples for eye

  1. She don't know what one bit's worth more than another, only goes by the eye you see. – Menhardoc by George Manville Fenn
  2. I can see that with half an eye – Windows (Fifth Series Plays) by John Galsworthy Last Updated: February 10, 2009
  3. Will you have some eye water? – Pelle the Conqueror, Vol. 2 by Martin Anderson Nexo