Synonyms for Difference:


estrangement, dissent. divarication, same, Discrepance. gap, agree. difficulty, faction, war, confrontation, Inharmony, dissentience, schism. alienation (noun)
detachment, extraneousness, inapplicability, division, segregation, foreignness, dissociation, separation, disjunction, breach, remoteness, alienation, irrelevance, other.
change (noun)
transformation, shift, revision, modulation, conversion, transition, alteration, adaptation, mutation, metamorphosis, transfiguration, modification, diversification, reformation, transposition, adjustment, change.
competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
hostility, dissidence, antipathy, discord, cacophony, row, hubbub, raucousness, squabble, imbroglio, animosity, hassle, contention, friction, collision, disharmony, Discordancy, enmity, commotion, feud, dissonance, tension, dissension, altercation, strife, squall, riot, clamor, harshness, disagreement, brawl, warfare, antagonism.
difference (noun)
contrast, inequality, variety, counterpoint, contradiction, variation, conflict, dispute, clash, difference of opinion, divergence, variance, Dissemblance, discrepancy, mismatch, distinctness, disparity, diversity, deviation, asymmetry, remainder, disunity, departure.
disagreement (noun)
dissonance, feud, disaccord, misunderstanding, quarrel.
discordance (noun)
dissimilarity (noun)
discordance, dissimilitude, aberrance, distinction, inconsistency, divergence, unlikeness, non-uniformity, dissimilarity, heterogeneously.
dissimilarity, distinctness (noun)
aberration, alteration, variation, disparity, digression, discrepancy, inequality, asymmetry, separateness, opposition, singularity, peculiarity, antithesis, Dissemblance, nonconformity, contrariness, unlikeness, departure, deviation, exception, divergence, distinction, variety, contrast, particularity, variance, characteristic, anomaly, idiosyncrasy, heterogeneity, change, irregularity, Unconformity, diversity, separation.
inequality (noun)
non-uniformity (noun)
disaccord, diverseness, multifariousness.
opposing views (noun)
disagreement, argument, brawl, discord, hassle, conflict, dissent, contention, quarrel, discordance, clash, strife, estrangement, row, disunity, dissension, disaccord, dissidence, dispute.
separation (noun)
specialty (noun)
figure, feature, stamp, cachet, individuality, specialization, definiteness, forte, hallmark, mannerism, particularity, keynote, way, property, specialty, characteristic, quality, quirk, flavor, Discriminant, trait, mark.
unconformity (noun)
derangement, nonconformity, irregularity, exception, anomaly, funniness, uniqueness, unconventionality, singularity, idiosyncrasy, peculiarity, deviation, impropriety, outlandishness, aberration, incongruity, curiosity, strangeness, incompatibility, abnormality, oddity, freakishness, eccentricity, unfamiliarity, quirkiness, uncommonness.
variation (noun)


change (verb)
affect, matter, have an effect.

Other synonyms:

Discrepance, divarication, dissentience, Inharmony. schism. confrontation, faction, war. gap, difficulty. nonconformity
Unconformity, dissent.

Usage examples for difference

  1. But it would not make any difference about me. – Prudence of the Parsonage by Ethel Hueston
  2. I suppose you think there's a difference – Prescott of Saskatchewan by Harold Bindloss
  3. It doesn't make much difference whether we're- either of us- pleased or not, does it? – The Vision of Desire by Margaret Pedler