Synonyms for Combat:


mission, pitched battle, incursion. belligerent, contend, bombed-out, active duty, Beleaguered, battle cry, duel, tilt, air cover, active service, wrestle, aggressor, black out. face, deal with, tackle, make the best of something, see about, take something on board, do something, handle, address. fist fight, running battle, brawl. blouse, camouflage, breastplate, ensign, chevron, battledress, dress uniform, body armor, bearskin. challenge, take on, jostle, compete, hold on, vie. attack (noun)
bloodshed, fury, assault, bombardment, battle, tirade, aggression, fight, siege, violence, outbreak, thrust, war, frenzy, sortie, riot, storm, spasm, charge, warfare, strike, foray, offense, raid, barrage, attack, invasion, onslaught, furor.
battle (noun)
conflict, fight, warfare, contest, engagement, struggle, war, sortie.
combat (noun)
battle, fighting, armed combat.
struggle (noun)
armed fighting, study at battle.
warfare (noun)
contest, crusade, hostility, scuffle, conflict, campaign, offensive, jihad, guerre, scramble, engagement, struggle, tussle, warpath, drive.


attack (verb)
flay, scarify, scathe, lunge, harry, invade, pound, bombard, scorch, slash, hammer, trounce, violate, savage, batter, assail, lash.
battle (verb)

Other synonyms:

breastplate, dress uniform, see about, blouse, jostle, brawl, vie, incursion, pitched battle, battledress, deal with, air cover, fist fight, face. contend, running battle, duel, bearskin, mission, handle, tackle. ensign, wrestle, hold on, compete. tilt, camouflage. take on, challenge. address.

Usage examples for combat

  1. Easleby was about to combat this reply when a boy appeared, and intimated that Mr. Castlemayne would see the gentlemen at once. – The Chestermarke Instinct by J. S. Fletcher
  2. Trial by combat was very rare. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly