Synonyms for Equality:


inclusion, Human Rights, equal, basic, prejudiced, free speech, positive discrimination, discrimination. parity, same, Equivalency. balance (noun)
brotherhood, parity, state of being equal, six of one and half a dozen of the other, fair play, parallelism, evenness, identity, equilibrium, equalization, Equitableness, likeness, level playing-field, a fair shake, egalitarianism, uniformity, justice, lack of distinction, correspondence, civil rights, impartiality, equal opportunity, identical value, symmetry, equity.
democracy (noun)
equality (noun)
equation, sameness, parity, fairness, par, indistinguishability, alikeness, equivalence, balance, identicalness.
sameness (noun)
identicalness, indistinguishability.
similarity, balance; egalitarianism (noun)
fairness, identity, impartiality, equilibrium, par, evenness, correspondence, uniformity, likeness, sameness, parity, parallelism, civil rights, equal opportunity, equivalence, fair play.
smoothness (noun)

Other synonyms:

equal opportunity, positive discrimination, free speech, civil rights, Equivalency, Human Rights, prejudiced, impartiality, brotherhood. basic, equal, inclusion. balance
Other relevant words:
equal opportunity, civil rights, parity, equilibrium, justice, same, Equivalency, equalization, parallelism, basic, fair play, identity, equal, par, uniformity, correspondence, symmetry, impartiality, egalitarianism, Equitableness, equity, brotherhood, evenness, equation, inclusion, likeness, prejudiced.

Usage examples for equality

  1. For we have formed in our minds an idea of abstract equality of the beautiful, the just, the good; in short, of every thing which we say exists without the aid of the senses, for we use them only in the perception of individual things; whence it follows that the mind did not acquire this knowledge in this life, but must have had it before, and therefore the soul must have existed before. – Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates by Plato