Synonyms for Conflict:


misunderstanding, a war of words. bloodbath, blood, trouble, ambivalence, bloodletting, brutality, riotousness. concern, stress, anxiety, distress, worry, disquiet, alarm, pressure, belligerency, strain. schism, faction, react against, difficulty, Inharmony, dissentience, take issue with someone/something. act (noun)
battle, struggle.
battle (noun)
combat, engagement.
competition (noun)
conflict (noun)
Discordancy, hubbub, altercation, struggle, raucousness, cacophony, commotion, imbroglio, collision, dispute, difference, disharmony, strife, battle, dissonance, squall, dissidence, fight, contravene, run afoul, infringe, harshness, difference of opinion, engagement, dissension, discord, hassle.
confrontation (noun)
confrontation, clash, encounter, challenge, defiance, dispute, engagement.
confutation (noun)
abnegation, rebuttal, confutation, disavowal, denial, abrogation, Disaffirmation, invalidation, repudiation, rejoinder, refutation.
contention (noun)
argument, encounter, quarrel, controversy.
difference (noun)
deviation, asymmetry, dissimilarity, divergence, clash, variation, mismatch, distinctness, variance, disparity, distinction, difference, aberration, contradiction, diversity, non-uniformity, inequality, discrepancy, contrast, abnormality, variety, disunity, counterpoint, Dissemblance.
disagreement (noun)
disaccord, nonagreement, complaint, rejection, divisiveness.
disagreement, discord (noun)
dispute, disaccord, antagonism, difference, animosity, hassle, bad blood, dissension, disunity, dissent, variance, opposition, interference, hostility, friction, dissidence, row, faction.
discordance (noun)
disagreement, incompatibility, enmity, contention, disharmony, hostility, dissidence, antagonism, collision, antipathy, friction, animosity, disunity, dissent, dissonance, opposition, discordance.
enmity (noun)
discordance, Adverseness, contention, hostility, coldness, bad blood, contrariety, coolness, quarrelsomeness, dislike, resentment, wrath, antipathy, bitterness, Averseness, animosity, malice, loathing, alienation, malevolence, enmity, incompatibility, Inimicality, polarity, surliness, tension, unfriendliness, hard feelings, rancor, inharmoniousness, combativeness, spitefulness, hatred.
fight, warfare (noun)
battle, encounter, collision, contention, combat, clash, war, contest, struggle, strife, engagement.
opposition (noun)
fight, counterattack, disagreement, counteraction, hindrance, antagonism, inhibition, adversary, interference, opposition, repression, confrontation, rebuff, defiance, impediment, obstinacy, obstruction, resistance, objection, repulsion, friction, protest, suppression.
warfare (noun)
bloodshed, scuffle, warfare, contest, campaign, guerre, scramble, engagement, war, struggle, warpath, tussle, drive, jihad, combat, battle, offensive, crusade, aggression.


battle (verb)
be at odds (verb)
differ, disagree, discord, contend, brawl, collide, interfere, fight, oppose, mismatch, contrast, jar.
conflict (verb)
broil, spar, feud, brawl, collide, row, differ, antagonize, blast, bicker, riot, altercate, dissent, contend, disagree, squabble, clamor.
confute (verb)
deny, repudiate, refute, contradict, disprove, repeal, invalidate, abrogate, confute, challenge, rejoin, abnegate, rebut, dispute, negate, Disaffirm, disavow.
contend (verb)
argue, stand, defend, oppose, face, confront, wrestle, resist, wrangle, withstand, vie.
contrast (verb)
deviate, diverge, diversify, differentiate.
disagree (verb)
defy, reject, complain, demur, object.
oppose (verb)
impede, counter, intercept, inhibit, repel, cross, obstruct, suppress, counteract, hinder, interfere, repulse, meddle, check, repress, oppress.

Other synonyms:

bloodbath, Inharmony, misunderstanding, dissentience, react against, belligerency. blood, brutality, bloodletting. schism. faction, jar. difficulty. Other relevant words:
bloodbath, infringe, trouble, Inharmony, difficulty, dissentience, anxiety, blood, ambivalence, stress, schism, faction, misunderstanding, pressure, contravene, disquiet, alarm, belligerency, strain, riotousness, worry, run afoul, brutality, difference of opinion, concern, distress, jar, bloodletting.

Usage examples for conflict

  1. Perhaps a time of conflict may come too- heaven send that it may! – Three Comedies by Björnstjerne M. Björnson Commentator: R. Farquharson Sharp
  2. What he meant was that he won the war by thinking, and the worn face, which seemed almost twice as old when the conflict was over, showed how hard that work was. – The Book of Business Etiquette by Nella Henney
  3. His marriage also was a preparation for the conflict with Spain; but if it was not so decidedly opposed to the common feeling of the country as a Spanish marriage, yet it was far from being in accordance with it. – A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6) by Leopold von Ranke