Synonyms for Contrary:


antagonistic; opposite (adjective)
antithetical, nonconformist, contradictory, intractable, headstrong, balky, paradoxical, inconsistent, negative, antipodean, anti, froward, conflicting, dissident, obstinate, perverse, restive, stubborn, inimical, reverse, discordant, rebellious, adverse, counter, wayward, diametric, recalcitrant, refractory, opposed, insubordinate, hostile, unruly, clashing, converse, antipodal, ornery.
capricious (adjective)
conflicting (adjective)
contentious (adjective)
confrontational, dissenting, contentious, controversial, quarrelsome, conflicting, dissident, protesting, argumentive, antagonistic, oppositional, resistant.
different (adjective)
asymmetric, unmatched, distinct, contrasting, discordant, unequal, heterogeneous, nonuniform, unlike, unalike, disparate, mismatched, conflicting, abnormal, contradictory, diverse, different, dissimilar, various, differing, varying, divergent.
difficult (adjective)
onerous, difficult, rough, intractable, laborious, tight, hard, severe, arduous, grinding, fussy, complicated, demanding, uphill, tough, burdensome, oppressive, adverse, troublesome, tricky, bothersome, wearying, harsh, knotty, trying, cantankerous, wearisome, cumbersome, finicky, toilsome, wearing, ticklish, stressful, thorny, strenuous, complex, formidable, rugged.
disobedient (adjective)
disobedient, nonconformist, Misbehaving, traitorous, intractable, mutinous, Disobeying, defiant, disloyal, treasonous, undisciplined, subversive, mischievous, out of control, insubordinate, rebellious, ungovernable, factious, seditious, wayward, Disregardful, anarchistic, recalcitrant, unmanageable, treacherous, unruly.
dissimilar (adjective)
aberrant, opposite, inconsistent, heterogeneous, distinct, dissimilar, discordant, divergent, disparate, unlike, different, nonuniform, unalike.
irritable (adjective)
negative (adjective)
opposing, negative, dissenting.
obstinate (adjective)
obstinate, brass-bound, pertinacious, hidebound, froward, bovine, bigoted, restive, inelastic, adamant, hardheaded, refractory, resolute, contrarious, rigid, willful, inflexible, tenacious, obdurate, bull-headed, mulish, uncompromising, unbendable, pigheaded, headstrong, stubborn, hard-nosed, self-willed, unyielding, Pig-headed.
opposed (adjective)
diametric, antipodal.
opposing (adjective)
oppositional, averse.
opposite (adjective)
converse, clashing, diametrical, negative, anti, reverse, counter, inverse, antonymic, antipodean, antonymous, Contra, antithetical, diametric, opposite.
ornery (adjective)
resistant (adjective)
sullen (adjective)
sullen, scowling, grim, sulky, dour, glum, gloomy, Moping, unfriendly, grumpy, noncooperative, sour, cynical, moody, fretful, petulant, surly, grouchy, morose, obstinate, hostile, cross, cantankerous, ungenial, dejected, uncooperative, frowning, broody, crabby, glowering, dark, unsociable, melancholy, long-faced, irascible, beetle-browed, malevolent, mean, dissociable.
unwilling (adjective)
loath, reluctant, uncomplying, noncooperative, unconsenting, irreconcilable, defiant, averse, balky, opposed, unyielding, unhelpful, Resisting, unwilling, uncooperative, squeamish, hesitant, recalcitrant, disinclined, non-consenting, obstinate, stubborn, indisposed.


vice versa (adverb)


argumentative, contrarian, truculent, volatile, combative. antipodean, diametrical, conversely, counter, polar, antonymic, otherwise, paradoxical, to the contrary, antipodal, vice versa, support. attitude, froward, impossible, ornery, contrarious. Antipode, antipodes, contrapositive, antithesis. contrary (noun)
different, disobedient, unfavourable, opposite, antonymous, wayward, adverse, unfavorable, obstinate, perverse, reverse.
linkdef (noun)
reverse, opposite.
opposite (noun)
antipodes, reverse, Antipode, contrapositive, converse.
unfavorable (noun)
untimely, unpropitious.


opposed (verb)
Against, inimical.

Other synonyms:

antipodes, argumentative, antonymic, contrarious, antipodean, contrapositive, antipodal, Antipode, combative, ornery, truculent. contrarian. polar, antithesis. volatile, counter. impossible. antagonistic
Other relevant words:
antonymous, antipodean, restive, unfavorable, refractory, clashing, headstrong, ornery, volatile, truculent, paradoxical, froward, unfavourable, inimical, unpropitious, diametrical, antipodes, polar, contrarious, contrapositive, pigheaded, Against, willful, antonymic, antithesis, conversely, contrarian, perverse, self-willed, antipodal, Antipode, impossible, counter, otherwise, argumentative, vice versa, combative.

Usage examples for contrary

  1. This morning, walking with Mr. Coventry in the garden, he did tell me how Sir G. Carteret had carried the business of the Victuallers' money to be paid by himself, contrary to old practice; at which he is angry I perceive, but I believe means no hurt, but that things maybe done as they ought. – Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright by Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke
  2. On the contrary it's where you come in. – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates
  3. She, on the contrary might have put everything straight- she might have done anything with him- almost- that she pleased. – Elizabeth's Campaign by Mrs. Humphrey Ward