Synonyms for Rejects:


inferiors (noun)
also-rans, second fiddles, underdogs, duds, has-beens, inferiors, lemons, underachievers, underlings, failures, seconds, flops, Turkeys, losers, subordinates, nonstarters, born losers, subalterns, second bananas, second strings.


annuls (verb)
destroys, effaces, nullifies, deletes, retracts, disavows, obliterates, eradicates, extinguishes, revokes, abolishes, disaffirms, repudiates, annuls, refutes, undoes, neutralizes, vetos, Divorces, dissolves, abnegates, invalidates, negates.
disagrees (verb)
complains, defies, dissents, disagrees, disputes, argues, objects, bickers, conflicts, challenges, demurs, opposes, contends, antagonizes, collides, clashes, differs.
excludes (verb)
amputates, proscribes, prohibits, forbids, disqualifies, bans.
prohibits (verb)
prevents, suppresses, curbs, oppresses, blocks, restricts, inhibits, outlaws, precludes, restrains, refuses, controls, constrains.
refuses (verb)
declines, disdains, disinclines.
rejects (verb)
curtails, excises, exudes, blacklists, disapproves, blackballs, oppugns, jettisons, abandons, scraps, deep-sixes, disgorges, crops, drains, seeps, snips, Culls, spews, exhausts, vomits, cuts, disclaims, excretes, discards, ejaculates, lops, erupts, belches, ejects, evacuates, discharges, trashes, secretes, Denies, Chops, checks, Clips, eliminates, disallows, vents, bars, emits, excludes, sheds, jilts, shears, junks.
repulses (verb)
repels, rebuffs, brushes off, snubs, repulses, spurns, cold-shoulders.
resigns (verb)
surrenders, renounces, resigns, vacates, withdraws, discontinues, accepts, abdicates, terminates, relinquishes, retires, ceases.
rids (verb)
forgoes, parts with, capitulates, cancels, dismisses, Leaves, relegates, deserts, casts off, disowns, dispels, rids, drops, releases, lets go, waives, forsakes, disposes.
secludes (verb)
detaches, separates, secludes, expatriates, insulates, excommunicates, sequesters, extirpates, alienates, evicts, removes, exiles, disbars, segregates, extradites, expels, boycotts, ostracizes, screens, banishes, ousts, confines, deports, isolates, cordons, closets, cloisters.

Usage examples for rejects

  1. But if it now rejects the truth, when proclaimed by the whole teaching body of the Church, the 800 Bishops dispersed over the world and infallible in union with the Pope, how much more will it do so, when the truth is proclaimed by one single infallible teacher, who has only just been declared infallible? – Letters From Rome on the Council by Johann Joseph Ignaz von Döllinger
  2. Common sense rejects it. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis
  3. This approach rejects the notion of Federal domination or control. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various