Synonyms for Unparalleled:


incomparable (adjective)
inimitable (adjective)
matchless (adjective)
peerless (adjective)
superlative (adjective)
peerless, unique, only, unmatched, unequaled, alone, matchless, incomparable, single, exceptional, unrivaled, nonpareil.


there is no substitute for something, first class, par excellence, best, premier, second to none, ideal, first-rate. unrivaled, unexampled, peerless, matchless, same, unmatched, only, nonpareil. unmatched (noun)
exceptional, single.
unparalleled (noun)
incomparable, unequaled, unequalled, unique, alone, uncomparable.

Other synonyms:

best, unmatched. nonpareil, unexampled. peerless, unrivaled, only. incomparable
incomparable, matchless.
Other relevant words:
ideal, premier, first-rate, same, unrivaled, exceptional, peerless, single, best, unmatched, only, matchless, unexampled, first class, nonpareil.

Usage examples for unparalleled

  1. Below the merriment and herculean jollity, so little represented in his books, there was deep, gloomy force in the soul of the man who, gifted with an almost unparalleled imagination, would yet grip the realities of the pathetic and terrible situations he evolved with brutal strength and insistence. – Honore de Balzac, His Life and Writings by Mary F. Sandars
  2. During the next day we measured ninety- eight men, photographed twelve subjects, and made moulds for all our five busts- an unparalleled day's labor. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  3. Our gallant forces in the Mexican war, by whose patriotism and unparalleled deeds of arms we obtained these possessions as an indemnity for our just demands against Mexico, were composed of citizens who belonged to no one State or section of our Union. – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various