Synonyms for Trying:


difficult (adjective)
difficult, adverse, uphill, fussy, wearisome, hard, oppressive, harsh, rugged, tight, strenuous, laborious, complex, complicated, rough, ticklish, formidable, thorny, arduous, wearying, burdensome, tough, severe, cantankerous, stressful, knotty, grinding, cumbersome, demanding, tricky, onerous, contrary, troublesome, bothersome, wearing, toilsome, finicky.
difficult, bothersome (adjective)
annoying, oppressive, taxing, irritating, Irksome, hard, aggravating, weighty, troublesome, exigent, stressful, wearisome, severe, onerous, exacting, tricky, rough, tight, arduous, strenuous, demanding, tough.
effortful (adjective)
nerve-racking (adjective)
painful (adjective)
stinging, cruel, woeful, aching, cutting, throbbing, annoying, uncomfortable, Besetting, anguishing, agonizing, crushing, acute, offensive, miserable, oppressive, harrowing, unpleasant, piercing, burdensome, disagreeable, stabbing, odious, unbearable, arduous, grievous, bothersome, Gnawing, hurtful, excruciating, sore, Irksome, irritating, wrenching, withering, aggravating, grueling, smarting, horrendous, painful, inflaming, Torturing., chafing, tormenting, distressful, biting, Cramping, troublesome, severe, bitter, insufferable.
vexatious (adjective)
weary (adjective)
faint, drowsy, blue, droopy, feeble, fatigued, run down, footsore, Frazzled, tired, limp, flaccid, exhausted, debilitated, toilsome, listless, sleepy, apathetic, depressed, uphill, weak, Wayworn, cheerless, over-weary, wasted, weary, bored, worn-out.


soporific, hypnotic. weighty, effortful, exacting, heavy, taxing, rigorous, exigent, backbreaking. troublesome (noun)
trying (noun)
nerve-wracking, hard, stressful, difficult, nerve-racking, disagreeable.


experimenting (verb)
investigating, probing, Proving, testing, Analyzing, Benchmarking, Assaying, researching, Checking, experimenting, determining, verifying.
punishing (verb)
Chastising, Castigating, judging, Disciplining, avenging, reprising, Crucifying, Imprisoning, Burdening, distressing, Correcting, Fining, penalizing, Afflicting, Sentencing, Persecuting, chastening, lambasting, Keelhauling, confining, punishing, Incarcerating, Pillorying, executing.

Other synonyms:

tiring, effortful, backbreaking. soporific, hypnotic. weighty, rigorous, exigent. taxing, exacting. heavy. Other relevant words:
effortful, hypnotic, nerve-wracking, taxing, rigorous, nerve-racking, heavy, soporific, exacting, weighty, exigent, backbreaking, tiring.

Usage examples for trying

  1. I have been trying to think." – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  2. " I'm trying to," I said. – Jack of No Trades by Charles Cottrell
  3. I was trying to remember all night. – Madge Morton, Captain of the Merry Maid by Amy D. V. Chalmers