Synonyms for Yellow:


blond (adjective)
cowardly (adjective)
cringing, tremulous, craven, fainthearted, spineless, unethical, fearful, cowardly, gutless, pusillanimous, low, timid, mean, treacherous, deceitful, sneaking, tricky, unprincipled, offensive, chicken.
fearful (adjective)
tremulous, phobic, fearful, cowardly, terrified.
irresolute (adjective)
weak, infirm, irresponsible, shy, spineless, insipid, impulsive, fickle, undecided, Flitting, vacillating, Shilly-shally, tentative, ambivalent, changeable, shifty, erratic, fly-by-night, shrinking, hesitant, double-minded, uncertain, irresolute, indecisive, capricious, inconsistent, volatile, watery, unresolved, unwilling, unsure, halfhearted, dillydallying, undependable.
yellow (adjective)
Aurin, honey-colored, mustard, chartreuse, ecru, champagne, amber, goldenrod, Xanthic, Flaxen, saffron, sandy, dandelion, gold, golden, jasmine, fallow, sulfur, primrose, lemon, canary, Cream-colored, gilded, crocus, buff, sunshine, buttery, sunny, jaundiced, citron, honey, sallow, maize, tawny, straw.


baby blue, amethyst, azure, black, alabaster, blue, beige, avocado, bluish. blacken, lewd, bleach, bleed, exciting, fade, gray, lurid, lighten, unethical, mellow, change, brighten, unprincipled, sensational, deepen, offensive. bronzed, brown, coloured, albino, dastardly, Complected, color, bloodless, pusillanimous, colored, fear, Complexioned, faint-hearted, unmanly. afraid/scared of your own shadow, timorous, feeble. colors (noun)
biscuit, blackness, aquamarine, aqua, bronze, apricot.
sunny color (noun)
lemon, saffron, gold, buff, tawny, amber.

Other synonyms:

faint-hearted, color, timorous, pusillanimous. dastardly, unmanly. feeble. Other relevant words:
unethical, sneaking, sensational, fear, aquamarine, low, timorous, blue, treacherous, Complected, bronzed, lurid, brighten, bleach, unprincipled, feeble, offensive, aqua, lewd, color, blackness, colored, faint-hearted, change, coloured, exciting, mean, deepen, alabaster, amethyst, bronze, pusillanimous, bleed, dastardly, apricot, bluish, cringing, baby blue, tricky, mellow, deceitful, azure, gray, fade, unmanly, Complexioned, biscuit, bloodless, black, albino, brown, lighten, blacken, beige, avocado.

Usage examples for yellow

  1. It was built of dark- red brick, and the door and windows were faced with stone that had turned yellow by time. – Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
  2. " If I could have but one wish," said the king, " I would ask that everything I touched should turn to beautiful yellow gold." – The Beacon Second Reader by James H. Fassett
  3. When she hated anybody, they shone yellow and green. – The Light Princess and Other Fairy Stories by George MacDonald