Synonyms for Uncover:


fish up, ascertain, unscrew, find out, dig up, Unclose, pry open, read up on, gather, lay open, establish, lift the lid, uncork, find, unstopper, get, determine, tap, open. put on, divest, throw back, denude, disrobe, strip away, strip. unclothe. unearth, dig, turn up. tell, betray, spill, blab. uncover (noun)
unveil, bring out, reveal, expose.


contact (verb)
demonstrate (verb)
manifest, evince, illustrate, convince, flaunt, present, demonstrate, unmask, flourish, indicate.
reveal (verb)
exhibit, display, divulge, show, disclose, bare, reveal, expose.
reveal, disclose (verb)
unmask, bare, tap, display, denude, tell, unwrap, unearth, divulge, unclothe, dig up, unveil, strip, discover, lay open, expose, betray, show, open.
uncover (verb)
unwrap, discover, unveil, unsheathe.

Other synonyms:

unearth, read up on, find, find out, establish, get, throw back, ascertain, divest. denude, strip away. disrobe, betray, blab. spill. dig, strip. tell. disrobe
dig up.
Unclose, uncork, unwrap.
unmask, unveil, bare, unclothe, expose.
Other relevant words:
uncork, determine, unclothe, dig, tap, Unclose, find out, ascertain, gather, turn up, find, get, blab, open, bring out, divest, dig up, establish, denude, tell, fish up, unearth, pry open, betray, spill, lay open, disrobe, strip.

Usage examples for uncover

  1. But such a fashion of beard, while covering a man's face, does much to uncover the man. – Bride of the Mistletoe by James Lane Allen
  2. I am ordered to turn out any man who refuses to uncover his head. – Isaac T. Hopper by L. Maria Child
  3. After her people had all returned to their homes, she grew very unhappy, and when her mother- in- law commanded her to cook she had to feel her way around, for she would not uncover her face. – Philippine Folk Tales by Mabel Cook Cole