Synonyms for Well:


all (adjective)
healthy (adjective)
flourishing, great, trim, fresh, blooming, fit, robust, hardy, whole, fine, right, sound.
lucky, fortunate (adjective)
good, advisable.


correctly (adverb)
happily, pleasantly; capably (adverb)
adequately, completely, strongly, splendidly, rightly, nicely, ably, suitably, favorably, admirably, commendably, properly, excellently, fully.
quite (adverb)
sufficiently (adverb)
quite, easily, greatly, abundantly, substantially, wholly, considerably, entirely.
well (adverb)
beneficially, worthily, finely, favorably, praiseworthily, splendidly, commendably, benignly, excellently, nicely, pleasantly, laudably, admirably.


completely (adverb)
utterly, quite, entirely.
correctly (adverb)
justly (adverb)
swimmingly (adverb)
like a dream.
very well (adverb)
well (adverb)
beneficially, worthily, finely, favorably, praiseworthily, splendidly, commendably, benignly, excellently, nicely, pleasantly, laudably, admirably.


derivation, parent, really, mother, purely, rootstock, origin, source, totally, start, absolutely, provenance, root, fountain, utterly, spring, Provenience, beginning, fount. blowhole, chink, channel, cleft, cranny, aperture. constant, long-term, never-ending, on and on, long, enduring, prolonged, lasting, for some time, extended. on no account/not on any account, no way, of course not, certainly not, not really, no., no dice, by no means, not. now, O.K., And, I'm sorry, you know, like. it (only) remains for me to do something, anyhow. anyway, do with, what's gotten into someone?, what has/will become of, kindly, how, what (has) happened to something, keep, where has someone/something gotten to?, just. arguably, Hah, My, puh-leeze, right, firstly, Pshaw, of course, what does something have to do with...?, ha. what's the big idea?, for heaven's sake/sakes, what's that supposed to mean?, give me a break, for pity's sake, for crying out loud, give me strength, brother, darn. blowout, oil well, oilfield, borehole, oil slick, gusher, oilman, oil rig, oil platform, offshore. cast up, come in, deepen, crest, course, catch, dash, break, burst. color, heighten, pulse, surge, grow, come over, run, grip, sweep over, engulf. greatly, a lot, deeply, immensely, very, particularly, indeed. the long and the short of it, once upon a time, it all began, there I was/we were, with that, someone does something, to make/cut a long story short, to be continued. oh, for the sake of argument/discussion, I know, for openers, okey-dokey. body of water (noun)
cove, inlet, ocean, puddle, sound, lagoon, tank, reservoir, strait, estuary, pond, lake, pool, bayou, ditch, fiord, gulf, bay.
in addition (noun)
along with, Including, additionally.
pit (noun)
bottomless pit, crater, shaft, deep, crevasse, chasm, pit, abyss, cavity.
water hole (noun)
chasm, fountain, wellspring, source, abyss, origin, shaft, reservoir, fountainhead, fount, spring, derivation, root, pool, pit.
well (noun)
all-right, easily, fountainhead, considerably, fortunate, healed, cured, intimately, swell, substantially, advantageously, fine, good, comfortably, symptomless, recovered, wellspring, advisable, asymptomatic.


motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

fount, great, greatly, fantastically, ably, purely, rootstock, fabulously, spry, normal, very, Provenience, fountain, immensely, strongly, superlatively. completely, provenance, totally, wholly, particularly, entirely, utterly, origin, okey-dokey, hardy. And, fully, whole, quite, like, derivation, source, absolutely, deeply. parent, anyway. indeed, mother, anyhow, beginning. root, really. now. oh. O.K.. run. enough
Other relevant words:
blooming, surge, beginning, spry, entirely, totally, great, commendable, run, fit, Pshaw, suitably, wellspring, fine, healed, adequately, fresh, quite, okey-dokey, purely, advantageously, robust, fabulously, kindly, normal, like a dream, rightly, greatly, abundantly, root, of course, good, comfortably, like, symptomless, substantially, properly, hardy, superlatively, rootstock, fount, fortunate, intimately, derivation, start, ably, cured, whole, utterly, right, engulf, swell, absolutely, indeed, asymptomatic, flourishing, just, provenance, recovered, fountain, very, Provenience, wholly, strongly, advisable, And, parent, immensely, trim, origin, fully, spring, completely, considerably, really, source, now, mother, easily, fountainhead.

Usage examples for well

  1. " Well I think so," he said. – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  2. Well now, I tell you what you can do. – The Eagle's Heart by Hamlin Garland