Synonyms for Disconnected:


all (adjective)
chaotic (adjective)
lax, disorganized, muddled, disheveled, frenzied, irregular, blurry, cluttered, inconsistent, fuzzy, frantic, incoherent, anarchistic, deformed, disordered, chaotic, confused, anarchical, obscure, undisciplined, indefinite, indistinct, insane, tempestuous, inexact, wild, embroiled, jumbled, disorderly, lawless, deranged, discomposed, unruly, Disintegrated, disarrayed, rambunctious, out of control, uneven, inchoate, formless, messy, tumultuous, shapeless, perturbed, amorphous, loose.
confused; discontinuous (adjective)
disjointed, garbled, illogical, muddled, detached, disordered, inchoate, separated, jumbled, incoherent, broken, irregular, loose.
disjoint (adjective)
rent, sliced, cut, segregated, Bisected, disassembled, divorced, disunited, dissociated, Halved, cleaved, incised, divided, unhinged, detached, separated, unfixed, dismantled, dissected, disarticulated, fissured, Disassociated, scissored, partitioned, split, Disengaged, Sundered, unglued, Disintegrated, Excised, broken, severed, disjoint, fragmented, uncoupled, parted.
extraneous (adjective)
exotic, disjoint, segregated, unessential, detached, extraterrestrial, inappropriate, dissociated, inadmissible, outlandish, removed, nonessential, external, impertinent, inapplicable, disaffiliated, alien, estranged, other, foreign, irrelevant, eerie, Unallied, parenthetical, unaffiliated, outer, extrinsic, foreign-born, outside, strange, separate, separated, extraneous, unrelated, immaterial.
incoherent (adjective)
nonadhesive, disarticulated, sporadic, divergent, disjointed, discontinuous, dispersed, detached, unconsolidated, lax, non-cohesive, incoherent, incongruous, broken, noncontiguous, loose, inconsistent, fuzzy, nonuniform.
irregular (adjective)
irregular, nonuniform.
loose (adjective)
unattached, non-cohesive, non-adherent, slack, limp, flaccid, incoherent, disjointed, non-coherent, unfastened, broken, lax, loose, discontinuous, detached, disarticulated, nonadhesive, inconsistent, unbound.
scattered (adjective)
disjoint, distributed, Disintegrated, divergent, dispersed, separated, dislocated, diffuse, Radiated, Diffractive, evanescent, detached, disorderly, scattered, Refracted.
separate (adjective)
independent, disaffiliated, Disintegrated, fragmentary, distinct, autonomous, dissociated, disjoint, disassembled, unrelated, unglued, severed, unaffiliated, detached, alienated, Sundered, unconnected, separate, individual.
unintelligible (adjective)


foolish, irresponsible, ill-considered, undiscriminating, hasty, shallow, impetuous, mindless, impulsive, unthinking. disconnected (noun)
disunited, illogical, split, incoherent, garbled, scattered, divided, abrupt, staccato, disjointed, confused, disordered, fragmented, off, unconnected.


dislocated (verb)
Deported, Displaced, Exiled, unseated, Dislodged.
dissociated (verb)
disjoined, disunited, uncoupled, broke, Halved, fragmented, cleaved, Excised, Sundered, split, parted, rent, dismantled, severed, Disassociated, Insulated, alienated, partitioned, broken, cleft, divorced, divided, Disengaged, ruptured.
loosened (verb)
released, dispersed, loosened, unbound, Diverged, unfastened.
scattered (verb)
dissolved, broken up, Doled, Radiated, dislocated, scattered, evaporated, Evanesced, distributed, Diffracted, Refracted, broke up, diffused, Disbursed.
separated (verb)
cut, sliced, ripped, dissected, unhinged, unfixed, incised, Pared, Amputated, Bisected, axed.

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Other relevant words:
abrupt, incongruous, discontinuous, off, staccato, illogical, unconnected, garbled.

Usage examples for disconnected

  1. The question has been much discussed, whether those new municipal corporations owed their origin to the municipal system of the Romans, or were altogether disconnected with it. – Irish Race in the Past and the Present by Aug. J. Thebaud
  2. For though he did not know Edith's face, still, from the disconnected words that had dropped from her during her delirium, reported to him by the inn people, he thought it probable that she was the very lady whom he had married under such mysterious circumstances. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  3. The man's life was as disconnected as a pack of cards. – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke