Synonyms for Fighter:


airship, Air Force One, aircraft, b-52, contender, aggressor, disputant, balloon, wrestler, controversialist, aeroplane. boxer, arm-wrestling, box, boxing, corner, bout, cross, chump, bare-knuckle, count out, bantamweight. hard core, tough nut, doer, high-flier, tough cookie, dynamo, trier, plane, buccaneer. detractor, dissenter, conflict, objector. airplane (noun)
bomber, helicopter, airplane, cargo plane, glider, hydroplane, dive bomber, airbus, monoplane, biplane, airliner, jet fighter, jet.
combatant (noun)
competitor, adversary, antagonist, battler, struggler, contestant, pugilist, militant, quarreler, warrior, man-at-arms, assailant, Jouster, gladiator, brawler, thug, opponent, mercenary, duelist, rival, rioter, foe, bruiser, soldier, enemy, swordsman, combatant, bully, tough.
fighter (noun)
fighter aircraft, scrapper, battler, hero, paladin, belligerent, combatant, champion, attack aircraft.
person engaged in hostile encounter (noun)
bruiser, scrapper, belligerent, disputant, mercenary, gladiator, militant, duelist, pugilist, boxer, antagonist, opponent, brawler, assailant, contender, battler, aggressor, rival, competitor, warrior, champion, bully, soldier, combatant, Jouster, contestant.
prizefighter (noun)

Other synonyms:

objector, tough cookie, trier, detractor, dissenter, tough nut, doer. dynamo, hard core, buccaneer. debater
Other relevant words:
boxer, doer, conflict, belligerent, bare-knuckle, paladin, wrestler, buccaneer, b-52, plane, balloon, corner, fighter aircraft, aircraft, contender, hero, disputant, cross, aggressor, bantamweight, arm-wrestling, objector, dissenter, airship, scrapper, boxing, trier, bout, box, attack aircraft, dynamo, chump, controversialist, high-flier, detractor, champion, aeroplane.

Usage examples for fighter

  1. An' a gun- fighter to boot!... – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  2. Eh, but I wasn't meant for an innkeeper- I was meant for a fighter – The Northern Iron 1907 by George A. Birmingham
  3. But the rubber- coated fire fighter had hardly uttered the words when a shout went up from the crowd at the east end of the building, where the firm's office was located. – The Boy Scout Fire Fighters by Irving Crump