Synonyms for Excessive:


all (adjective)
inordinate, unreasonable, undue.
asymmetrical (adjective)
extreme (adjective)
extreme, drastic, radical, severe, intense.
gluttonous (adjective)
voracious, boundless, insatiable, overindulgent, immoderate, wolfish, gluttonous, rapacious, piggish, extravagant, intemperate, crapulent, omnivorous, hoggish, greedy, indulgent.
heavy (adjective)
intemperate (adjective)
self-indulgent, dissipated, sensual, indulgent, carousing, debauched, orgiastic, intemperate, Luxuriating.
superfluous (adjective)
overabundant, outrageous, surplus, gratuitous, copious, immoderate, superfluous, exorbitant, extravagant, superabundant, redundant, overindulgent, overflowing.
too much; overdone (adjective)
immoderate, superfluous, extreme, boundless, inordinate, disproportionate, undue, self-indulgent, superabundant, indulgent, redundant, exorbitant, overmuch, more, unreasonable, intemperate, over, dissipated, extravagant.
wordy (adjective)
wandering, bombastic, ponderous, wordy, long-winded, windy, featherbedding, verbose, talkative, endless, rambling, chatty, superfluous, lengthy, grandiloquent, loquacious.


exceptional, beyond, over, too, more, Hyper-, overly. excess, overmuch. excessive (noun)
immoderate, exuberant, inordinate, overweening, unrestrained, extravagant, undue, unreasonable.
immoderate (noun)
overdone, lavish, overmuch, too much, too great, disproportionate, uncalled-for, unnecessary.

Other synonyms:

more, excess, overmuch, too. beyond, overdone, exceptional. over. profuse
Other relevant words:
lavish, disproportionate, excess, overly, inordinate, overdone, too much, overmuch, over, beyond, undue, exceptional, unrestrained, overweening, unreasonable, unnecessary, exuberant, more, uncalled-for, too.

Usage examples for excessive

  1. In the middle of winter the cold is not excessive and never lasts long. – A New Voyage Round the World, in the years 1823, 24, 25, and 26, Vol. 2 by Otto von Kotzebue
  2. Her weight was still excessive but the solace of eating was even more important. – How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon