Synonyms for Close:


accurate, precise (adjective)
similar, exact, strict, Resembling, faithful.
airless (adjective)
all (adjective)
closemouthed (adjective)
contiguous (adjective)
next to, juxtaposed.
dense (adjective)
dense, cramped (adjective)
solid, confining, restricted, packed, thick, short, crowded, confined, tight, compact, narrow.
economical (adjective)
thrifty, penurious, niggardly, provident.
intimate (adjective)
dear, chummy, private, Familiar, confidential.
like (adjective)
not unlike, such.
mean (adjective)
near (adjective)
local, near, by, adjacent, neighborhood, approaching, proximate, hairbreadth, nearby, immediate.
near, nearby (adjective)
next, nigh, neighboring, adjacent, around the corner, imminent, nearest, approaching, impending, warm, immediate, proximate, contiguous, at hand.
oppressive, humid (adjective)
musty, moldy, stagnant, airless, stifling, sticky, unventilated, motionless, sultry, sweltering, stale, stuffy, uncomfortable, fusty, heavy.
precise (adjective)
secret, reserved (adjective)
uncommunicative, silent, secretive, taciturn, closemouthed, reticent.
similar (adjective)
ersatz, such, analogous, akin, like, similar, imitative, semblance, Resembling, comparable, uniform, twin, alike.
stingy (adjective)
ungenerous, Pinching, parsimonious, niggardly, narrow, Hard-fisted, tight, penny-pinching, costive, penurious.
taciturn (adjective)
uncommunicable, incommunicative, Incommunicable, tightlipped.
uncommunicative (adjective)
taciturn, secretive.


all (adverb)
tight, closely, nigh, near.


near (adverb)


expiry, withdrawal, passing. boot, emulate, abort, narrow, display, corrupt, buffer, decode, deliver. broken, clap, brotherly, connected, arm's length, bring to, brittle, shutter, acquainted, clench, clannish, slam. decide, preventable, harmless, safe, avoidable, clinch, controllable, settle, agree, protective, innocuous, sound. bun, buzz cut, beehive, afro, love, bangs, Bobbed, bob, chignon, braid. attach, neck and neck, alarm, hook into, nip and tuck, fit, automate, fit out, ground. sort of, exact, full, not unlike, homogeneous, indistinguishable, strict. backyard, cramped, alleyway, alley, campus, cloister, car park, arcade, blind alley, back. practically, all but, barely, stifling, breath, hardly, scarcely. catheterize, give, niggard, bypass, Pinching, petty, bandage, cheap, bleed, niggardly, costive, catch, tightfisted, Hard-fisted, anesthetize, bring back, close-fisted, cauterize, parsimonious, anaesthetize, penurious, attend. crowd, assemble, bunch, clump together, cluster, cozy up, huddle. organized, cautious, thorough, meticulous, systematic, provident, painstaking, methodical. Economies, thrift, frugal, thrifty, economic, economical. boulevard, BLVD, avenue, backstreet, Dr., drive, crescent, Ave, cul de sac. go out of business, liquidate, go under, wind up, crash, fail. jam something open/shut, block off, lock out, close off. draw, bank, borrow, pay in, credit, debit, mortgage. bid price, bullish, bear market, bear, broker-dealer, bull market, bull, bearish, bondholder, bid. reach out, bend, fold your arms/hands, kick, wave, stretch, spread, extend. controlled, unemotional, blank, unresponsive, undemonstrative, impassive, emotionless, neutral, passive. certain, probably, bound, sure, probable, guaranteed, expected, likely, possibly. draw to a close/an end, run out, pass, come to an end, dry up, give out. unsettling, troubling, strange, unnatural, claustrophobic, strained. double, unfurl, unfold. cordon off, cut off, repel. one-on-one, illocutionary, expressive, communicative, verbal, paralinguistic, one-to-one, interactive, person-to-person, nonverbal. close your ears (to), shut your ears to something, not want to know. close in (noun)
culmination, finale, end, pause, cessation, completion, conclusion, stop, approach, finish, ending, termination.
communication (noun)
ending, closing, end, conclusion.
compact (noun)
solid, dense.
completion (noun)
windup, finis.
confining (noun)
restricted, cramped.
end (noun)
culmination, completion, death, accomplishment, expiration, ending, windup, conclusion, finis, terminal, demise, finale, termination, cessation, closing.
ending (noun)
stop, completion, finale, end, termination, finish, conclusion, cessation, windup, cease, culmination.
stopping point (noun)
stopping point.
time (noun)
stopping point, finish, finis, last, conclusion, finale.


approach (verb)
advance, loom, access, near, impend, come, approach, converge, gain.
cease (verb)
abandon, halt, terminate, culminate, discontinue, pause, end, stay, interrupt, desist, quit, refrain, stop, suspend, remit, break, cease.
ceases (verb)
abandon, halt, terminate, culminate, discontinue, pause, end, stay, interrupt, desist, quit, refrain, stop, suspend, remit, break, cease.
close (verb)
seal, bolt, latch, join, secure, lock, fasten, block, shut, barricade, jam.
complete (verb)
finish, fulfill, finalize, accomplish, unify, consummate, fill, achieve, execute, integrate, conclude, graduate, complete, arrive.
contact (verb)
end (verb)
checkmate, pass on, cap, wrap up, pass away, die, decease, exit, expire.
join, unite (verb)
come together, tie, bind, agree, fuse, put together, meet, chain, connect, coalesce.
obstruct, seal (verb)
turn off, clap, button, clog, shut, stopper, block, fasten, cork, fill, secure, shut off, bolt, plug, shutter, bar, slam, lock, stuff, dam, clench.
plug (verb)
cover, bung, plug, tap, cork.

Other synonyms:

passing, filial, buzz cut, blind alley, clench, campus, reach out, bun, connected, broken, backstreet, withdrawal, clannish, expiry, Ave, indistinguishable, close-mouthed, chignon, uncommunicable, neck and neck, costive, brittle, BLVD, clinch, dry up, boot, alley, pay in, bob, acquainted, automate, hook into, illegitimate, braid, crescent, Bobbed, nip and tuck, narrow, close-fisted, buffer, united, alongside, stifling, soon, corrupt, cul de sac, decode, sweltering, one-to-one, homogeneous, afro, economical, deliver, close-run, illegitimacy, go under, bangs, arm's length, unopposed, level, emulate, seal off, familial, alleyway, Pinching, backyard, beehive. connect, turn off, attach, unfold, run out, legitimate, debit, liquidate, position. spread, packed, just, petty, give out, hardly. alarm, repel, exact. Against, cheap. kick, bend, out, stretch, ground. full. draw, bank, fit, cut off, credit. back, wave, meet. drive. double. pass. cease
come to an end, pass.
go out of business, close down.
hand to hand.
lock out.
run out
give out, dry up.
choke off.
stop up
plug, clog.
turn off
shut off.
Other relevant words:
oppressive, enclose, stifling, narrow, ungenerous, strict, faithful, closely, snug, tightlipped, meet, nigh, niggardly, sound, come together, parsimonious, compact, Familiar, stingy, thick, dense, tight, shut off, exact, unite, stuffy, heavy, close-mouthed, tightfisted, solid, turn off, sultry, at hand.

Usage examples for close

  1. They were very close together and hand in hand. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. " She's close to it," he called. – They of the High Trails by Hamlin Garland
  3. Too close in to be much good." – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield