Synonyms for Filch:


run away with, burgle, help yourself to something, walk off with. filch (noun)
pilfer, pinch, snarf, sneak, abstract, nobble, purloin, hook, lift, swipe, cabbage.


appropriate (verb)
lift, grab, pocket, hijack.
borrow (verb)
pirate, steal, plagiarize.
embezzle (verb)
abstract, loot.
filch (verb)
rob, purloin, swipe, rip off, cop, walk off with, embezzle, pilfer, sneak.
knock off (verb)
pinch, plunder.
lift (verb)
hook, nip.
pilfer (verb)
pocket (verb)
steal (verb)
palm, cop, shanghai, embezzle, abstract, extort, fleece, pilfer, lift, heist, burglarize, steal, shoplift, poach, pocket, hijack, pirate, loot, rustle, plunder, stickup, grab, mug, swindle, defraud, blackmail, nip, plagiarize, rob, haul, swipe, holdup.

Other synonyms:

pirate, steal, plagiarize.
purloin, lift, swipe, pinch.
Other relevant words:
pinch, nobble, run away with, sneak, Crimes, cabbage, rip off, hook, purloin, walk off with, snarf, burgle.

Usage examples for filch

  1. If you were made of gold, the rascals would not filch off the corner of your garment as long as you were under my protection. – The Disowned, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton