Synonyms for Congenial:


agreeable (adjective)
understanding, co-operative, concordant, agreeable, assenting, friendly, Capitulating, compatible, pleasant, likeable, acquiescent, suitable, consensual, willing, kindred, empathetic, harmonious, amiable.
cheerful (adjective)
happy, sunny, lively, bright, easygoing, spirited, genial, cheerful, agreeable, pleased, affable, cordial, merry, lighthearted, friendly, joyful, jaunty, warm, amiable, complaisant, glad, buoyant, cheery, sparkling, optimistic, jolly, pleasant.
friendly (adjective)
warmhearted, friendly, neighborly, sociable, affable, intimate, chummy, like-minded, companionable, amicable, genuine, spontaneous, amiable, affectionate, Warm-hearted, welcoming, close, empathic, clubby.
friendly, compatible (adjective)
consonant, convivial, favorable, gracious, harmonious, cordial, affable, sympathetic, compatible, consistent, sociable, suitable, like-minded, genial, kindred, agreeable, complaisant, clubby, pleasant, congruous, happy, companionable.
sociable (adjective)
gracious, gregarious, hospitable, sociable, vivacious, hearty, amicable, genial, courteous, garrulous, easygoing, friendly, amiable, neighborly, affable, chatty, folksy, companionable, cordial, gabby, talkative, convivial.


attractive, restful, lovely, relaxing. attitude, good-tempered, good, good-natured. like, favorable, nice. conformable, agree, accordant, congruous, corresponding, correspondent, consistent, consonant. congenial (noun)
agreeable, sympathetic, compatible, sociable.

Other synonyms:

consonant, accordant, good-tempered. corresponding, congruous, good-natured. consistent, conformable. nice. favorable. good.

Usage examples for congenial

  1. Emilia, whose feelings were less lively, and whose imagination was less powerful, beheld the approaching festival with calm consideration, and almost regretted the interruption of those tranquil pleasures, which she knew to be more congenial with her powers and disposition. – A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe
  2. And Louis met him in congenial spirit. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë