Synonyms for Chip:


shard, sliver, back end, AGP, ADC, A drive, base hardware, accelerated graphics port, bridgeware, bus, part, accelerator card, auxiliary device. hook, token, play, strike at, pass, marker, shoot, disk, knock, kick, counter. angry, belligerent, a bit, fragment, fraction, hint, trace, hostile, truculent, a little, aggressive, sample, taster. cross, ball, catch, backhand, dribble, blast, dive, corner, delivery. fries, French Fries, hash browns, jacket potato, home fries, baked potato, latke, mash. disintegrate, fall apart, shatter, smash, crumble. breakage, bruise, burn, burnout, blight. starting price, stake, jackpot, smart money, winnings, kitty, rollover. attribute (noun)
blemish (noun)
deformity, scab, drawback, stigma, imperfection, eyesore, abrasion, discoloration, wart, defacement, spoilage, brand, impurity, distortion, disfigurement, fault, weal, sore, lesion, rift, blotch.
chip (noun)
chipping, flake, scrap, micro chip, splintering, poker chip, cow chip, break away, buffalo chip, chip shot, check, potato chip, bit, cow dung, Saratoga Chip, silicon chip, crisp, fleck, chip off, break off, come off, microchip, nick, knap.
flake (noun)
flake, paring, scale, shaving, dandruff.
integrated circuit (noun)
object (noun)
scrap, bit, fleck, flake.
shard, flaw (noun)
nick, flake, scratch, part, sliver, shaving, fragment, notch, scrap, paring.


blemish (verb)
check, tarnish, spoil, defect, discolor, hack, fleck, scuff, speck, slit, deform, nick, flaw, blot, stain, mark, scratch, freckle, blemish, taint, blister, kink, fracture, splotch, scar, gash, notch, deface, scrape, damage, spot, abrade, disfigure, hurt, score, mar, pockmark, distort, dot.
contact (verb)
break off, chip off, come off, nick, break away.
knock a piece out of (verb)
hack, crumble, gash, damage.

Other synonyms:

Saratoga chip
Saratoga Chip.
French Fries, home fries, part, hash browns, mash, latke, winnings, breakage, jacket potato, fries, baked potato. blight, jackpot, smart money, starting price, backhand. burnout, dribble, rollover, kitty. delivery, ball, dive. kick, bruise, smash. corner, stake. blast, cross. knock, play. catch. burn. pass. flake
peel off
Other relevant words:
chip off, cow dung, sliver, bus, trace, Saratoga Chip, break off, crisp, taster, disk, angry, jackpot, hint, catch, kitty, fraction, kick, latke, fries, disintegrate, potato chip, come off, part, cow chip, chip shot, rollover, break away, delivery, silicon chip, pass, dribble, chipping, aggressive, scrap, backhand, truculent, microchip, token, blight, marker, cross, knock, ADC, shard, bit, splintering, blast, breakage, shatter, sample, AGP, burnout, fragment, hook, mash, hostile, poker chip, stake, winnings, buffalo chip, play, shoot, belligerent, burn, dive, crumble, counter, corner, knap, ball, bruise, micro chip, bridgeware, smash.

Usage examples for chip

  1. They were doomed to chip in time anyway, and folding only hastened their end. – Writing for Vaudeville by Brett Page
  2. She looked at the spoon she still held- I wasn't so anxious about it: thank Heaven, it wouldn't chip and then she stared at me. – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. " Well," cried one of the men, " suppose we make a pool and each chip in fifty dollars, and the man who brings the dog back in time gets the whole of it?" – Episodes in Van Bibber's Life by Richard Harding Davis