Synonyms for Engagement:


incursion, assault, meeting, rendezvous, mission, pitched battle, duty. audience, match, audioconferencing, caucus, colloquium, annual meeting, AGM, briefing, conclave, assembly. confirm, sign, performing arts, gig, recruit, sign on, take on, engage, retain, appoint. burn up, grind, cut out, fire, flood, idle, marriage, cycle, go, backfire. bridal, bride, bridal shower, betrothed, guaranty, solemn word, best man, bachelor party, warrant, bridal party, banns, bachelorette party, word of honor, word. assignation, intrusion, tryst, exclusion, interference, part, stake, entry, intervention, agree. hire, get. agreement (noun)
battle (noun)
conflict, action, confrontation, encounter, contest, fight, combat.
competition (noun)
confrontation (noun)
clash, defiance, encounter, dispute, confrontation, challenge.
connection (noun)
custody (noun)
custody, maintenance, retention, reservation, grasp, conservation.
duty (noun)
endeavor (noun)
assay, effort, attempt, adventure, performance, approach, maneuver, endeavor, contract, aim, gambit, purpose, commitment, venture, action, production, project, proceeding, exploit, enterprise, undertaking, essay, deed, job.
engagement (noun)
betrothal, conflict, booking, fight, interlocking, mesh, battle, participation, date, involvement, troth, meshing, appointment.
marriage (noun)
troth, betrothal.
meeting; date (noun)
arrangement, date, tryst, gig, assignation, appointment.
obligation (noun)
pledge to marry (noun)
bond, betrothal, vow, word, pact, undertaking, contract, promise, compact, assurance, troth, obligation, oath, match, commitment.
warfare (noun)
campaign, war, combat, offensive, aggression, guerre, hostility, crusade, struggle, scramble, conflict, jihad, warfare, warpath, bloodshed, tussle, fight, scuffle, contest, battle, drive.
word (noun)

Other synonyms:

intervention, solemn word, word of honor. duty, exclusion, assignation, backfire, gig, intrusion, cycle, tryst, rendezvous. burn up, interference, grind. fire. flood, idle, guaranty. warrant, entry. word. stake. go. part.

Usage examples for engagement

  1. Their engagement was reported two months ago. – An American Suffragette by Isaac N. Stevens
  2. When this was pointed out, Roger, thinking that it might take some time to recover the mule, felt that he would be wiser to start on his journey for the Canyon, and finding out the nearest trail from the chief of the party, he started back to fulfil his " engagement with the sun." – The Boy With the U. S. Survey by Francis Rolt-Wheeler